Guest post, Sean Morse Asst Store Director Londonderry

Hello, my name is Sean Morse, I am currently an assistant store manager of our Londonderry store #42 and have been an employee 26 years. I like all of you who have posted am very proud to be an associate of such a great company. I like you all, have stories about this company that have shaped myself as a person as well as the great quality of life it affords me. As proud as I am of it I’m not writing to share, but to protect what we have all worked so hard for.

The formula for this company to succeed and thrive is relatively simple and was put into place many years ago (pre ASD& BOD) by Mr. TA. Demoulas, and carried on today in true Market Basket tradition by A.T. Demoulas.

The problem today as we all know is our BOD which was mainly assembled by ASD and his sisters, and one sister in law. Unfortunately these people have not had a true hand in building this company, but have no problem in reaping it’s rewards!

Getting back to the board, I researched what a Board of Director job function and functions are and unfortunately what I found was that they fit the definition of a dysfunctional Board of Directors to a T reflected by many of their behaviors;
1. Lack of confidentiality
2. Conflicting agenda
3. Lack of order
4. Lack of respect
5. Hostile environment
6. Secret meetings
7. Lack of trust
8. Dominating members
9. Non-Participants
10. Personal & Political agendas

Now if this is how ASD and his side of the shareholders pick a Board of Directors, then I can’t imagine what kind of executive team they will assemble if and when they choose too, but I can guarantee this, they will not find anyone in this country as dedicated and too have the passion and knowledge as ours. We have everything to lose and nothing to gain without ATD at the helm of this ship.
So I ask everyone no matter what your position in our great company is speak up and be heard; SUPPORT OUR BOSS! ATD


  1. Joe Garon says:

    Sean,well said!More of us need to make our feelings known.We must respectfully let the BOD know their is only one boss we can follow.That he(ATD) has made us family,and we will do whatever it takes to support him as he supports us. We also need to show ATD how we feel. Post,comment,or send a thank you card to encourage him to keep up the good fight that he must battle everyday against many odds.
    Market Basket strong. Sincerely, Joe Garon

  2. MarK lemieux says:

    Great post Sean!

  3. lisa deltrecco says:

    That’s right, Mr. Morse. We are 25,000 strong in support of Artie T.
    Speak Up! Speak Out! Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!
    Lisa D
    Store 42

  4. deb rogers says:

    Well said! Why change something, or challange someone on a business that runs so well? Mr.D. needs to stay in charge.

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