Guest post, Scott Skelton Merchandiser Haverhill

  • My name is Scott Skelton, merchandiser in store #9 Haverhill. Like all of you, I have the same kind of story. I also started out as a bagger and worked my way up the ranks, following the philosophies I was taught from Arthur T. Demoulas and his farther, Telemachus A. Demoulas. 
    Well, here is my story. I grew up in Dorchester until I was nine with my mom who brought me up on her own. I learned fast that if I wanted anything I would have to work hard for it, so when I was old enough to get a job, like most of us I went to Market Basket. At that time living in Billerica, I worked all through high school, working night crew or whatever it took to get in the hours. Soon it was time for me to make a decision on what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to school at Shawsheen Tech, where my shop teacher who knew I was responsible and that I was working at Market Basket, told me there was one company looking to hire someone so he ask me if I wanted it first. So through my first few years at Market Basket I knew I had a big decision to make. I knew I could make a career out of working there so I went to my store manager and told him my story. He had so many good reasons of why I should go full time there, so right out of high school that is what I did.

    I worked and learned from so many great people to get where I am today and to be able to have that means to live a fair lifestyle. I wouldn’t change a thing, and I am glad I chose the road that I chose. I love my job and my company I will do whatever it takes to get to get our great boss ATD back where he should be so we can move on from this bump in the road. It is things like this that makes us better than any other company out there. We have stuck together and fought for what is right. We are Market Basket, we are family, and we won’t quit. We have the best boss, best philosophies, best company.

    Scott Skelton, 27 years and counting


  1. elizabeth bates says:

    Oh Scott Skelton what a fantastic post from a true person. Standing for.what matters, what is important and is morally right! Thats how I have viewed you over the months that you’ve been making yourself heard, and we are listening Scott! You have so much sincere passion and you inspire many of us to join you and stand strong and speak up! Together all, we will be there alongside our true Boss, Arthur T. and we will win.

  2. Great post Scott. Pleasure to work with you!

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