Guest post, Scott Patenaude–Meat Manager

The post below is from Scott Patenaude, meat manager in Burlington #24.  Scott has been a leader in this fight and a very vocal advocate from day one.

There aren’t many, if any of us that didn’t start at the bottom and work our way up thru the ranks. Make no mistake about it you earned it. I was hired in 1982 at the Wood st store by Chris Panagoluas. I am now the meat manager in Burlington. It was pure luck there were about 15 people applying for a job,I was only one hired. There weren’t many jobs I didn’t do there, if any. So I can say with confidence I know more about this business than this BOD!! When I decided to go full time I talked to Walter Durkin, he was the front end supervisor at the time. He told me it’s a great company, and the opportunity for anyone including me, to move up is here. Although he passed away not long after that I won’t forget our conversation. We have all been called upon to help out during extreme circumstances. I went to 17 after the fire with a shovel to help,I went to the warehouse when they still used trains ,to unload them. I worked in Nashua 13 on Sundays, back then mass stores weren’t open on Sundays , yes that was a long time ago. But that is what makes us the best in the business!! We all have our ATD stories, do you think that it is a coincidence? It’s not. He cares about all his employees plain and simple.

There have been many people that have spoken out in support of ATD and senior management in the last 5 months. Mr Rockwell, Jack Demoulas giving there accounts with ASD.¬†Tom Trainor recently posting a moving letter, which it seems to have encouraged, enabled how ever you want to word it for others to write some type of post. From store directors, supervision,full timers inside the stores and with companies that we own and I’m sure there will b more to follow. My thought is I,we owe it to ATD to write something supporting him,doesn’t need to be a book. If you are concerned about backlash,I don’t think that writing a paragraph supporting him will be your downfall. If it is I will be one of first to go. This is basically the only job I know,I have spent over half my life working for this company. Never did I think that I might not have the profit sharing for my retirement, that there will be no more bonuses. We all put in many hours week after week, miss family events, softball, soccer, football, school activities whatever it may be. That the price you have to pay to ensure that you do have your retirement, your bonuses to help your kids with college. To think that ASD, his sister’s and his board want to reduce or even eliminate any or all of that because he wants more?? He wants the 46 million taken out of the plan to pay back the shareholders?? So of the 46 million his cut is what about 3 million, he is worth over 1.6 billion!! Financially the BOD, ASD might be rich….morally they are flat broke!! They are going to hurt thousands of employees, hundreds of thousands of customers because this is personal, not business


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Scott, well said! I’ll be with you on that short list, I am sure, but like you said, this is personal. It is many of our way of life’s… And we need to fight for it!

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