Guest post, Scott Gauthier Asst Store Director Ashland

My name is Scott Gauthier. I am an Assistant Store Director in Ashland #46. I am not as eloquent a speaker or writer as many of the posters on here. My story is similar to most. I started as a grocery/sacker when I was 16. I worked my way up learning all the departments in my store. From produce, dairy, to eventually cutting meat, learning and balancing the service desk, though it was not with Market Basket. I previously worked for a small chain with 3 stores in Rhode Island. Being in a small chain I got to know the owners well and they me. In March it will be 13 years since I made the second biggest decision of my life to that point. I decided to leave my position as a Store Director and start a new chapter of my life with Market Basket. I was hired in Bellingham by Steve Economou. During my interview he told about the company and its commitment to customer service and the associates that worked here. It was a perfect fit for me. The first supervisor I met was Mr. Foucher. After welcoming me here we had a short conversation and in that conversation he told me and I quote “Its Not Rocket Science!” How many times have we heard that. It is nothing but the truth.

Provide great customer service, good pricing, have a neat and clean store, a friendly place for them to shop, and take care of the people that take care of your customers. A+B+C+D+E= $ in the shareholders pockets. “It’s Not Rocket Science!”

I had met Mr. Demoulas a few times when I was in #54 but a moment sticks out to me when I was working in Reading a few weeks after it opened. He came in and when I spoke to him he asked me how everthing in Bellingham was going and how my wife and new son were doing. I though to myself wow, with all the people in this company and it had been about six months since I saw him and he remembered that. We are a family of 72 stores with small chain feel.

I made the right decision 13 years ago and I am and always will be behind Mr. A. T. Demoulas. To the board, take off the restraints and let him run this company and the pockets you are trying to fill will be filled. “It’s Not Rocket Science!”

Thank you for your time.
Scott Gauthier
#46 Ashland

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