Guest post, Sandi Berk Office Manager Rowley

My name is Sandi Berk, I am the office manager of Rowley #49.
I have worked with four store directors Mr. Ron Lambert, Mr. Brian Sansoucie, Mr. Terry McCarthy , and Mr. Brian Rockwell, and countless associates since coming to work at Market .
Everyone is different, but the same, as we all care about this company.
It truly did not take long once I started working at MB to realize that this is a
company that cares about its associates. This is a company that I am proud to work at. I started as a cashier, on to grocery, and eventually the courtesy booth, and now office manager. I was lucky enough to work, at the Danvers #23 store when it opened, and met Mr. ATD. He had come to visit, and see how the opening was going.
When he came over to me at the service desk, I said ” thank you for our new store”. His response was, ” As long as the customers like it “. They sure did! I am now so concerned, as I’m sure every one is, that this company has come to a halt.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has noticed these other groceries stores stopping their so called ” savings cards”, and the commercials on TV showing their associates, with tags lines that say how many years each one has worked there. Sound familiar ?

This company has been making others nervous because ATD, our leader, has been steering this company to the future, and it looked bright. Opening new stores, remodeling others, employment opportunities, promotion possibilities. It just seems like it just stopped. I do not understand how the BOD would allow this to happen, unless the whole voting process is just a farce. How can intelligent people feel this is the way this company should be run? Do not think for a minute, that these other grocery chains are not watching this foolish fighting. Waiting for us to fail!
The BOD should be embarrassed by what they are doing, and not doing!
We, as associates of MB, will not back down. We will be there for ATD. We will be there when he needs us. What other company has a CEO, that is so cared about by his associates? ATD WE ARE WITH YOU!
Sandi Berk
19 years

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