Guest post, Roger Breakey Store Director Milford NH

“Thank you for speaking out Roger, the quote from John Quincy Adams is certainly appropriate and we hope your voice inspires others to lend their voice to this fight.”

My name is Roger Breakey I am the Store Director in Milford N.H. # 57 and I have been with OUR company for 40 years.
I was hired as a sacker. Back then on your first day there was no training to bag groceries just go get carriages. Well I did that for three hours in a snowstorm. I went home and told my Father I am done I am not doing that anymore. He asked me when is your next shift? I told him on Wed. he said you will report to work. I am glad I listened to him. Thus I moved up the ranks from part time to Store Director.
Over Christmas I was with my cousin Jim and he was asking me about our company and what was going on with the BOD and what there intention was. Why were they doing the things they are doing? I told him hopefully they have no intention of doing nothing and I couldn’t answer why they were doing what they are doing. You see back in the 80’s Jim worked for Wrigley gum and called on ATD in the office. He told me he never met anyone that was more of a gentlemen and professional. If he needed cases bought to meet a quota it was not a problem. Back then it was still the same philosophy take care of vendors.
You know that we all work for a great number of Upper Management that mentored all of us through our careers thru good times and bad. We cannot let what happened in the late 90’s happen again. We need to open stores. We cannot afford to lose good people because there will be no room for advancement in the company.
We all have to remain intact of what our jobs are in the stores taking care of the customer. It is unbelievable to hear the gratitude of the customers about the 4% off sale. This is what ATD does he takes care of the customer. Why would you at the BOD want to change things? What is the old saying “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.
Take your hands off release the handcuffs and let ATD do his job we will do ours and everyone will profit.
“ If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”
John Quincy Adams
Thank you ATD.
Enough said.
Roger Breakey
Store Director Milford N. H.
40 years and counting of loyal service.


  1. Terry mccarthy says:

    Great post Roger! Agree 100%!!

  2. cindy l whelan says:

    You are a leader, Mr. Breakey. Thank you.

  3. Donna Sevastis says:

    Great post Roger!!!!

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