Guest Post, Robert Long, Hudson NH

Here is a good example of what we are all about at Market Basket. Robert is in his early twenties, but is already a veteran of the company. He is part of the feeder program that has built this company. Like a great farm system in a successful major league baseball franchise, we keep cultivating the talent that enables us to promote from within and grow without the need of bringing in outsiders. He understands the culture of our company in ways certain Board members never could.

Robert Long
Store 33- Full time grocery clerk

My first job, my last job. DSM has a positive way of clinging and grasping onto people, especially it’s employees. The atmosphere of the company as a whole is truly one big family. Like I said, it was my first job, like the majority of my fellow employees. My name is Robert Long. I have worked at store 33 in Hudson since I was 15 years old, and I’m proud of every minute of it.

When I heard what was going on with the company, I was disappointed at the fact that this huge successful, established company could take a turn down the wrong path. I have only
7 years of service, and can only imagine how the employes who have put in decades of service and who formed MB into what it is today felt like. Market Basket seems to be, in my opinion, one very few companies that truly care about everything a company should care about. I can’t think of another company in New England that generously gives back to its employees and customers. Most companies seem to be cutting back, when we are fortunate to receive extra bonuses that ATD is not obligated to hand out. It’s a domino effect- being generous with profits and keeping employees happy will create a successful work environment. When employees are happy, customers will be happy, which hopefully will result in larger profits over time. The recent 4% discount is a way for MB to give back to its customers by thanking them for shopping at our stores. This is a great way to bring in more customers and hopefully shut more competition down. The CEO position is only for ATD. Why would the BOD elect someone to be president of the company in 2008, watch the company tremendously expand, then try to vote him out? Taking 4% off each customers order is definitely going to lure more customers in which will result in larger profits down the road. Clearly he knows what he is doing. He knows how to keep a business growing. In order to build and maintain higher success in the long run, you need to expand and spend when there is high business. Market Basket keeps climbing the ladder of success. Why chance ruining what we’ve all worked so hard to build? To the board of directors, this company is running just fine the way it is. ATD is a smart, generous businessman and with him as CEO, the sky is the limit.

Thank you


  1. elizabeth bates says:

    Such words of wisdom ….. glad your on our team!!!

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