Guest post, Rick Mansell Receiver 27 years

I have 27 years with Market Basket and am STILL Counting…I came here from Jacksonville, Florida in the Summer of 1986. I am ORIGINALLY From Massachusetts…Born in Lynn, Raised in Ipswich until 1972..After 14 Years in Florida with WINN DIXIE, which I thought was the Worst step on this side of HELL…My Late Brother had told me one of His Friends JOE ROCKWELL had said to him that if I ever wanted to Relocate, that I could very easily get in. I pondered this for 2 1/2 Years.. I was afraid to leave a Job and pull 2 Small Girls, My Wife and myself over 1200 Miles to basically “Start Over” in a Part of the country well known for High Taxes.. But after a Change in our work Schedule over the 4th of July…I tried to State my case that plans were made and was told “If you don’t like it…You can Leave”…This from a Company that was second only to the United States Navy for Personnel Turnover, So I had 2 weeks vacation in the books to use, and I right away booked us all on AMTRAK and came up here for 2 weeks…Deciding it would be a risk worth taking, I went back to Jacksonville and went right to them and gave my 2 weeks a Short 6 week time frame, I took vacation, Gave my notice…Packed my Bags and Moved my Family and was living back up in NEW ENGLAND!!! I felt I was PAROLED!!
Coming to Market Basket was a No Brainer, but I did get off to a Terrible Start…so Bad that we thought of turning around and going right back the following Summer…Market Basket was in NO Way like WINN DIXIE, and it took a LONG time to figure this out. Actually, Winn Dixie in the late 70′s and early 80′s was all Electronic Ordering and scanners and things like this.. when I told people this…some have Never heard of it. so, in my mind I thought MB was BEHIND the times…, well I will tell you this…if this was going backwards, then, it was by far, the BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER MADE! AND given the chance to do it all again…Id have done it much Earlier than I did.. It was Good for my Daughters.. My Wife wasn’t too Happy, but she knew I wasn’t going anywhere and I was positive this was the best plan…27 years later, I still say the same thing. I made a lot of friends, a few Critics, but I got around doing the Road trips, and the more I went, the better I liked it, I felt more and more like I wanted to be a Team Player. NO JOB on Earth is made in Heaven, there are always going to be Bumps in the road, and I hit quite a few of them. I may not have always made the RIGHT calls…but I always gave my Best Effort.
Fast Forward a few years, I get into a Position that if I knew existed when I came up north I would have requested, after all of those years in a WAREHOUSE, I wanted OUT, but Shipping and Receiving was always in my head, I had a General Idea of the Warehouse Environment,, so when I finally got to the position that I have now…I am very Comfortable with it and I LOVE what I do…and the Company I work for. ANYONE that knows me knows I have my sites on the White Mountains, and perhaps if a few Bumps in the road were pushed out of the could become a Reality. Stories have been flying about NORTH CONWAY as a Store in the future, And when my wife and I go up to N Conway, we are always asked “WHEN”? and “RUMOR HAS IT…” I tell them that I am Sure that if this in the plans, then It will become a reality…It seems to me that there are SEVERAL Towns up there that want MARKET BASKET ..there are LOTS of People who Travel South once or more a Month to the Nearest Market Baskets…In the Summer…Friends call me and ask me to bring up something that is in the Flyer, because the costs for the same items up there are MUCH HIGHER. My Point is to this BOD…Can’t you see that Having MARKET BASKET as it is being done right now…Is like going into a Poker game, throwing down 4 cards and getting dealt FOUR ACES? something that has GROWN like this without any Debt is UNHEARD of these days.. what in the World is wrong with that? You have a CEO who is 2 steps above ROCK STAR Status and for some reasons, it is not good enough for SOME People…We have a Great Company.. its been doing very well in pretty Difficult times …WHO in their right mind be DISSATISFIED with That? We have a BRAND NEW Store just sitting there in REVERE….a Huge one going up in WALTHAM that is on Hold…You Call THIS PROGRESS??? I don’t see why things can’t move forward as you work your way through the roadblocks.. EVERYBODY has Done Very well With Arthur T as our CEO…The man is what you’d call a “Man’s Man” and WE ALL Stand by this Man,, It is a Move I have NOT regretted…27 years and counting like I said, and I intend to keep on going Because I BELIEVE in and I put my FULL SUPPORT in “ARTIE T”.. And I am NOT Alone.. I have a 22,000 PLUS member Family, and NO money would buy me away from That! as for the BOD.. Use your Hearts and your Conscience and show some FAITH in US….The Ones that made this all Happen with our Labors….THIS is what Moves Mountains Merry Christmas to you all, My MB Family


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Nicely put, Rick! Keep the faith!

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