Guest post, Richard Yanco, Customer

I recently ran into Arthur T Demoulas while shopping late Saturday afternoon at the Hudson store. I was surprised to see him there during the weekend. He was dressed in a suit and tie like any business day of the week.

I took a few minutes to say hello and let him know that I and many of my friends and neighbors support his position in the recent management problems that have been reported in the various media. I also told Mr. Demoulas that I am always impressed with the excellent quality of management that I observe when I visit the Hudson store.

Like many brief, impromptu meetings that we sometimes have, I was sorry that I left some things unsaid. I wanted to take a few minutes to just update my comments to Arthur T.

Market Basket is a lot more than a low priced supermarket chain. Demoulas Markets are extremely well managed at all levels and that shows in the way each and every employee interacts with the shopping public on a daily basis.

I also wanted to comment on the quality of the product that is provided to the Market Basket shopper. Each and every department from the deli to the meat department to dairy to grocery to the bakery and produce and seafood offer the finest quality products at the most competitive area pricing. Therefore the public is not being buying a lesser quality product at a cheaper price.

I have never commented or requested something that I could not locate that I was not responded to quickly and helpfully.

Market Basket stands heads and shoulders above the competition and the record speaks for itself. The type of quality product that you offer at fair and competitive prices assures that the shopping public will continue to return to Market Basket on a regular basis.

Thank you,

Richard Yanco
Nashua, NH



  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Thank you Mr, Yanco, it is wonderful to have the customers speak out in support of Arthur T. DeMoulas!

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