Guest post, Rhonda Sevastis POS Lowell

I started working at the snack bar inside store #2 when I was 16 years old. I took a full time position with Market Basket at the age of 19 right after my son was born. What I didn’t realize at the time was Market Basket would become my career, my home away from home. Now almost 14 years later I can’t imagine being anywhere else or working for a more loyal, giving CEO than Mr. Arthur T Demoulas.

ATD has taught me to be confident in my work and understand that it is a career and not just a job. My career has given me the ability to provide for my children and save for their college education thanks to ATD’s caring generosity to his employees, which is something I am truly thankful for. This company has given me more than just a pay check, I met my husband here and most of my friends are or were at one time MB employees. This company has given me so many opportunities and this summer my son will turn 14 and of course his first job will be right here at Market Basket. I can only hope the board does the right thing and keep ATD in charge so those wonderful opportunities are available for him also.

I never thought when I was younger that my career would be at a grocery store. Turns out this grocery store is one of the best things that has happened to me!! I thank ATD, Market Basket and it’s wonderful employees for that.

Rhonda Sevastis
POS store #2
13 years and counting


  1. donna sevastis says:

    Another awesome success story about lives changed in more ways than one because of this company and Mr. D!! Congrats Rhonda!!

  2. Andy Heggarty says:

    Nice job Rhonda!! Thanks for keeping the momentum going!! Hopefully the Board will read your post, and realize why we need ATD in charge of OUR GREAT COMPANY!!

  3. elizabeth bates says:

    Nice to read your post! Thank you …. its such a delight to read all these fantastic posts. Notice though how much they have in common? Thats a true reflection of how much we are valued by managment, supervisory staff and of course Arthur T. Demoulas! Thank you

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