Guest Post, Nikoletta Foundas Loyal Customer

I am 100 percent Greek American and I shop weekly at Market Basket in Brockton, which is 10 miles from my home.

I am very familiar with just about all of the supermarket chains and Market Basket stands in a class by itself and it has had a tremendous impact on the entire industry.

Aside from my own benefit it is so exhilarating to bear witness to just how this market impacts thousands of struggling families who are able to bring high quality foods to their children at unbeatable prices.

I am not very easily impressed — yet Market Basket is so impressive. The staff up and down the ranks seem to love their jobs and feel as though they are a vital part of a great team.

Behind this great market is a healthy and vibrant team who makes such a difference. I see dozens of young people so well groomed and learning day after day how to become successful.

Ian Harcourt, Brian Doucette, Kevin Perno, Mr. Sullivan, Raphaele, Jim all work in such harmony to bring the optimum benefit to every shopper. They treat every customer with such dignity despite this rapid paced business. I observe this store in action week after week and leave amazed at how committed this team is and how they seem to love working at Market Basket.

As a Greek-American, Market Basket has made me so proud. I grew up attending the Greek Cathedral in Boston and at one time that was the mecca for most Greek families. I believe that my grandfather and dad must have known Mr.Demoulas, the founder. My dad knew Mr. Pappas who owned or still owns the West Lynn Creamery and as children we had free milk in the basement of the church for celebrations. Greek people took care of each other and they always had big hearts.

I am so excited to see Market Basket blossom and spread throughout New England. It cannot happen fast enough for me. Almost like a rock group Market Basket has such a fan base that is loyal and so grateful.

Whatever differences that the two cousins have, I hope that they remain very private — just between the two men in one room and that what is truly important prevails over all other matters.

Life is just too short and the legacy of the Market Basket shall remain long after we are all gone.

kali neekta!


from nikoletta foundas — a very successful and proud Greek American!


  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Thank you for your post and for your support. If the BOD doesn’t want to listen to the associates then maybe they will listen to the customers. We need more loyal customers like you to speak up in support of Artie T. Thanks again.
    Lisa DelTrecco
    Store 6

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