Guest post, Nicole Leclair Asst Kitchen Manager Reading

My name is Nicole LeClair. I am an assistant kitchen manager in Store #60 Reading, MA. I have worked for Market Basket off and on since I was 14. My grandfather Benjamin Voles who was a produce manager for several years, whom has been very close friends with Mr. Joe Rockwell our VP since their years together at Star Market, My grandmother Sarah Voles whom was a Courtesy Booth Manager for several years and eventually moved on to work in the main office as the main secretary on the switchboard for many years. This company is burned in my blood, it’s all that I ever come back to. I have known Mr. Demoulas, as well as his father, since I was a little kid…5 or 6. As a child I can remember going to Christmas parties at the main office. Mr. Demoulas sr. Would hand out gifts to all the employees families, kids and grandchildren. He was quite an amazing man as Mr. Demoulas had followed in his fathers foot-steps. He is just as genuine and caring. Whenever he comes to visit, any store I’ve been in, he always introduces himself and makes conversation with everyone and shakes their hand. I now have a family and children of my own. This man is so loyal to all of us and we, as a company , as a family, need to stick together and stand by him. Things may get rough , but no matter what goes on he always stands by is. I have been given so many opportunities with this company , and the benefits out weigh the negative by far. He does everything in his power that he can to make sure we are all taken care of . We all need to show him how much we appreciate him! Thanks again Mr. D for all your hard work and all that you do for us. Without you we all as a company would be nothing. Being positive and keeping your head held high helps us all get through this situation. Thanks again for everything.

Nicole LeClair

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