Guest post, Nick Kingsley, Bellingham #54

Below is a guest post from Nick Kingsley, grocery ends from #54  and currently serving our country in the Army National Guard.  Nick has an interesting view on leadership because in his line of work a poor leader can get people killed.  Thank you for being a leader within OUR company Nick and for serving our country.

Hello, my name is Nick Kingsley, I have worked for Market Basket for around 4 years now. I am an ends associate at store #54 in Bellingham, MA. I have worked my way up from bagger to grocery clerk and then to ends. I am also a forward observer in the U.S. Army National Guard, and Volunteer firefighter for my town. Throughout my time in the Army I learned what it means to be a leader, I have seen true leaders and others that are not leaders but wear the rank. My MOS (job) in the Army is a combat arms specialty, where there is no room for error, because the smallest mistake will get someone killed. During my training and time in the Army one of the main things they drilled into our head is leadership. I am not going to write a 10 page article on leadership because I like to keep things short and sweet.

What I will tell you is, one of the most important aspects of leadership is doing the right thing. As for its importance, I don’t think there is anything more important than standing up and doing or saying what you know is right. To do the right thing, you have to have the courage to make the right decision, even when making that decision could be personally harmful. Always be a force of good, don’t be lazy, and don’t sell out. Your life will be easier, your employees will respect you more, and you will feel better as a person. If you do break these rules you will start to go into a bad direction and become a leader that does anything to get ahead. It does not take long to become a worthless leader and it happens over time, inch by inch. Arthur T. Demoulas is the true definition of a leader. Arthur T. Demoulas could have walked away with Millions of dollars a few months ago when the board technically fired him. Instead he stood up for what he believed in and filed a countersuit to stop the greedy shareholders from screwing the employees of the company over. This man has paid his employees better than any supermarket in the country by sharing the profits of the company with his workers, all while keeping the lowest grocery prices in the region of operation. Arthur cares about his workers, has taken the time to fight for his workers and views them as the bottom line, not the tool to get the bottom line. I personally have no ambition on making this company a career for myself; I am just looking at how this man has changed his employees’ lives for the better as the company’s president. That is INTERGRITY something no one can take from you but that you can give away willfully.

Based on what I have told you I would follow Arthur T Demoulas into any battle, anytime, anywhere because he exemplifies the true definition of a leader. Also, to any member of the Board reading this, if I were you, I would use this time from now until Arthur T gets replaced, to resign while you have the chance, because if or when Arthur T Demoulas gets fired you WILL be forced out and probably get no benefits and have a damaged reputation. History repeats itself, whether you want to call it a revolution, coup, or mutiny it will happen and it always ends badly for the toxic, cowardly leaders. Also my employee badge number is 42407, take note of that, so if the time comes and Arthur T Demoulas is fired and you begin to purge all voices of dissent, you can do me a favor by terminating me, because I will NOT serve under a bunch of COWARDS.

- Nick Kingsley – Store #54


  1. cindy whealn says:

    Unbelievable post. Thank you, Nick! For the selfless act of serving our country, and the courage you displayed in this post. I work for the best, I am not capable of working for substandard cowards either. I guess I am spoiled… but I will not settle for less.

  2. Eric beaulieu says:

    Great post Nick! Sounds like you have some of those great leadership qualities yourself. To bad you won’t be a mananger someday we could use guys like you, but I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your service to our country

  3. Nick…you are so right about ATD and his integrity. Wish ASD and his cronies had one iota of ATD’s integrity. Thank you for serving our country so selflessly and for protecting my freedoms. God Bless You and your family.

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