Guest post, Mike Desmond Asst Store Director Portsmouth

When I reflect upon where I began and where I am at this point of my life. I know how fortunate I am to be working for the Demoulas family, specifically Arthur. I have been employed by the Demoulas family for 34 years. I spent my first 6 years working at Indian Ridge Country Club as a waiter. I waited on all supervision and family members back then. I saw the personal side of each supervisor or family member as they relaxed out to eat with their spouse or family. Mr.T.A. Demoulas once told me to get a haircut cause I looked like a girl. Believe those were the days of the mullet! My favorite people to wait on were Julien Lacourse and his wife, Mr. Rockwell and his wife Judy. Two people that emulated respect for the average worker.

My life was in a turmoil back then. I owe a debt of gratitude towards Mr. Rockwell and his wife for persistently asking me to come work for Demoulas Market Basket back then. Here I am 28 years later working as the Assistant Store Director at the Portsmouth Market Basket #56! I love my work! The passion for success and hard work instilled in the Demoulas family for generations has been instilled in me as well. Look at how many of us have so many years under our belt along with our own children!

My first formal meeting with Mr. T.A. Demoulas occurred in the late 80′s when I was requesting money from my profit sharing account. My mother had just passed and I did not want to burden my father with a loan. Mr. Demoulas had first refused my request. He said he had given extra money out to employees from their profit sharing account, only to see them leave shortly there after. I understood where he was coming from. He had know idea who I was sitting across from him. As our conversation continued I mentioned that he knew my dad. At that point my whole story was true and he offered me the help I needed to purchase my first home. I realized i was working for a man who truly considered each employee a part of the Demoulas Market Basket Family!

I’ll never forget another day when I was transferred from one store to another by Mr. Demoulas. I walked into the Tewksbury #8 store up into the office, Mr. Rockwell and the store manager were waiting for me. Mr. Rockwell said this man is going to train you the Market Basket way. Mr. Trainor was the store manager and for the next six months I walked in and there was a shelf talker handed to me every morning with what I had to correct from the previous day. Credit Mr. Trainor for teaching me the philosophies and passion that he has learned from his predecessors.

Fast forward, now that I work for Arthur T., I see the same passion and love for his work. I believe Arthur is even more driven than his father. He motivates and encourages us to work even harder. It was exciting to work for the company in the 80′s when we were expanding. Seeing Arthur accomplishing so much now gives us the same feeling. He is creating new jobs, expanding our company beyond reaches we ever thought!

My father passed away four years ago. During my father’s wake Arthur walks in to pay his respects on this Sunday evening. He did not know my father personally, but, because his own dad had known and respected my father he was there to offer support. I was in shock that this man took time out of his busy life to comfort my family during this difficult time. He not only payed his respects but stayed and talked with every member of my family, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, my children, grand kids… That kind gesture showed me what a great man I am working for. Truly, Arthur is a family man who wants the best for the people!

A few years ago I was at the grand opening of the Chelsea store with my wife at the time. I remember Arthur took the time to pull us aside to talk to us-not about business-but about our family. What CEO does that? Unfortunately I went through divorce after being married for 20 years, but through my divorce he has expressed his support and encouraged me to contact him if i ever needed anything he could help with. There aren’t many CEO’s that would do that!

Through my divorce my income and benefits that are afforded to me by Market Basket have helped my children continue to have a good life. Their lives were not drastically changed because of what Market Basket has afforded me. There are many rumors about impending changes that could prove devastating to many families of employees. Removing Arthur T. from his current position as CEO would affect many generations to come. Even though I went through some difficult times a few years ago, I have been able to “land on my feet” because of Arthur T. and what he does for his employees! If he is taken from our company, there will be serious implications for many families of this wonderful company he and his family have built.

Please consider the extent of the outcome if Arthur T. Demoulas is removed! I will always remain 100% in support of Arthur T. running our company!

Thank you all for your time and attention.

Michael Desmond
Assistant Store Director
Portsmouth 56


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