Guest post, Michael Kostoulakos Front End Manager

“The following is a guest post from Michael Kostoulakos, Front End Manager in Westford #72.”

To My Market Basket Family,
My name is Michael Kostoulakos. I am currently a Front End Manager at store 72 and inspired by the words of Mr. Trainor, Mr. Gordon and so many others who I have so much respect for, I felt the need to say a few words.
I started working for the company five years ago as a college student looking towards a career as a music teacher. It didn’t take long for me to see that the company I was working for set itself apart from any other company I had worked for. There was a sense of belonging, teamwork and respect that trickled down from upper management all the way down to my fellow baggers and myself. Needless to say down the line my career path changed and I have worked in five stores in many positions and this year was honored to be promoted again from class 50 to Front End Manager. In my time with the company, the ideals and work ethic of Mr. Demoulas and my supervisors have inspired me to constantly strive to be a better worker…keeping in mind the customer oriented philosophy our company is based on.
Market Basket is a true example of a great American company. A company that promotes from within shows it’s employees that hard work is rewarded. A company that respects it’s employees and customers. A company where our leader Arthur T. Demoulas says we work “with” him, not “for” him. A company that has had a positive effect on the economy of the region in which it operates. A company where employees feel appreciated…truly. To think members of the Board my be more.focused on short term gains and therein losing the customer oriented philosophy that Arthur T. Demoulas stands for makes me nervous for the possible future of this company I love. It seems as though those members of the board may be biting off their nose to spite their face


  1. Market Basket is always number one in Lowell mass…surround town area…we have Hannaford..stop and shop…market basket always think of family first…I shop at store number 19 on wood street. Very small but has everything’s I need…last week I had to get birthday cake at Hannaford. that was the closes to market basket…..its will be nice to expand #19 store…its needed so bad….please let me know ,what the plan are for this store…..thank you…

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