Guest post, Matthew Matson Store Director Portsmouth

“As Matt states he has been a frequent commenter on various FB posts.  Matt has been with the company for 40 years and his passion shows not only in this guest post but in his day to day interaction with customers and associates.  Thanks Matt for taking a stand and standing united with all of us.”


I have posted on Face Book many times,I have always encouraged all associates to respectfully
express yourself.Last summer I was drawn to a rally in support for ATD,although I have been
working  with the DeMoulas family for a few years I never realized the magnitude of passion of our MB family.Absolutely prodigious!, I have worked with and along side most of the Senior level
Vice Presidents,and I can only imagine the degree of sadness and pain as they observe  the very high level of stress that our MB President endures every single day . All senior level Vice Presidents have worked 7days a week 52 weeks a year along side TA and ATD  to insure
that  all customers and all associates and their families receive More For Your Dollar Value.
I believe that most Vice Presidents  have 50 plus years of service , they must feel a little helpless,They need our help we must all post.. I believe I can say I am not alone when I say that
the DeMoulas family has helped shape my current character.  I have read every single post, and made many spirited comments, I feel so much stronger each time I comment. All of the posts have made me so very proud to be part of this spectacular family.I too have very similar stories in my own personal life, and interactions including a very surprise visit at my beloved mother in laws funeral  ATD did pay his respects ,Wow!
Let’s be honest most of us have had a very intense experience with TA or ATD ,but always very
respectful.Mr. Arthur DeMoulas our current President and CEO  is with out a doubt the very best
person to guide our company!!!! Imagine if left alone what a awesome job ATD son , will lead our company some day!! Have you noticed at many manager meetings , if you looked into the eyes
of ATD children there is a high level of intensity and care for us the MB family. The DeMoulas
family has our backs absolutely no doubt! I continue to be totally committed in case you can’t tell by my words  . Esprit de corp!!  Thank You for practically a life time of life lessons .
Thank you for my 40 profit sharing statements Wow it has really grown.Thank you for MB
College scholarships.Thank you for a very generous benefits package including a great health plan. Thank you for your leadership and guidance both with my personal and professional life.
Thank You MR &Mrs TAD  and Mr &Mrs ATD   Thank you also MB associates for you inspiration.
I am a stronger,person because of this opportunity to interact with all of the customers and associates past and present.
Store Director Store 21


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Thank you Mr. Matson, for your increased, respectful, and strong presence on the site. You truly have become an inspiration to many. Can you feel the intensity? I most certainly can! Proud to stand along side you!

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