Guest post, Matt Moylan Asst Store Director Rowley

I, like many associates, have been reluctant to post my views in this forum for a number of reasons. I’m sure many of us have opinions we would like to express but have kept to ourselves out of respect. It’s easy to picture the BOD, or someone paid to do it, compiling a list of people who have spoken out against them. Hopefully soon it will be easier for them to make a list those who HAVEN’T spoken out than to make a list of those who have.

Like most of you out there I began my MB career at the check out area and worked my way up. I remember clearly my sister dragging me into Haverhill #15 to meet the store manager, Mr. Foucher. He came storming up to the office, barking at another manager about something the whole way, grabbed my application and asked, “so you are looking for a job”? I nervously replied yes. He then said “Good. Go get a haircut and come back Saturday with a shirt and tie.” That was the extent of my interview. I left there thinking I might be better off mowing lawns or painting houses for the summer but my sister talked me into giving it a try. Obviously I made the right choice.

Fast forward 10 years or so and I’m a Front End Manager, I can’t remember where. I’m back and forth across the checkout area doing my thing and all of a sudden I’m face to face with T A Demoulas. He extended a hand and I nervously shook it. We had a brief conversation and at the end he asked me how I liked working with the store manager. I replied that I liked him a lot and that he was one of the best managers I had ever worked FOR. Big mistake. He grabbed my arm with that vice grip I’m sure many of you felt at one time or another and said, “You don’t work for him you work with him. When someone asks you where you work you tell them you work with Mike Demoulas, not for Mike Demoulas.”

Those words have stuck with me ever since. That’s a philosophy I try to maintain at all times. It would be crazy to say we work together in perfect harmony day in and day out. There are always going to be things you don’t agree with and people you don’t get along with but you deal with it. Chances are things are being done differently than you would do them because there is always a better way. We work with people we like, people we don’t like as much, and people we don’t even know. We get the job done as efficiently as we can and at the end of the day we take pride in a job well done. Bottom line is that we are 25,000+ people working together to get one huge job done.

My problem is that I don’t feel that way anymore. This BOD is causing a resistance we have never dealt with before and it’s time for them to stop. They are like a small pebble stuck in your shoe that you can’t get out. One of my favorite sayings I use in life is “If you are not going to work with me please don’t work against me.” Many posts on this site have asked, in fact begged members of the BOD to come out to the stores and watch us in action. I’m convinced that they have refused to do so because they are afraid of what they will see. So I propose this to you, BOD. Stop being the pebble in our shoe and come watch what we do every day. Be curious to see us in action instead of afraid of what you will see. If you can’t do this then stay out of our way and let us do what we do. Leave Artie T. alone to run this company the way he has for the last 8 years. The man is a genius and handcuffing him the way you have is an absolute crime. Let us open new stores. Let us remodel the ones that need it. Let us come up with new promotions like the latest one, the 4% savings program, that are going to continue to either dazzle our existing faithful customers or bring in new ones. We are the best at what we do but we are not satisfied with that. We will never stop trying to be better than the day before. We will accomplish this with or without you help. If you are not going to work with us then don’t work against us.

Thank you.

Matt Moylan
33 years of service
12 1/2 years Assistant Store Director
Rowley #49


  1. Wow that was an awesome post!! You said it, stop being the pebble in our shoes!!!

  2. elizabeth bates says:

    Matt wow!!! You are always spot on in how you work with others, dealing with and interacting with customers as well as associates who work with you! Ive always admired you and have tremendous respect for you as a member of managment, a dad, and a person. I am just absolutly delighted at reading post, it is so perfect in summing up just how it is. No BS at all and I love it!!! Great post Matt!!!

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