Guest post, Mark Smith Deli Manager Londonderry

Hi, my name is Mark Smith I am the Deli manager for Londonderry, #42. I actually began in April of 88 in # 42 as a bagger. I like all of us have worked in many great stores throughout the way, and met many great people, and great leaders. I started work to buy a car, I never thought in my wildest dreams that it would turn out to be this amazing career! A couple of Saturday’s Arthur T came in our store and the place was kind of electric, everyone wanted to see him and thank him for the fight he was fighting for us! And I had the pleasure to talk with him. He asked how the response was to the 4% off. I told him it was amazing customer’s love that there were no gimmicks with the promotion. Again I thanked him and he said if there is anything I can do for you call, and then he said we will be in touch. Then he walked behind the counter and stop to talk with the part-time employees, and then he was up the Dairy aisle. In this day of big corporate business, how many CEO’s knows his employees names, nor takes the time to talk with them! Arthur T does!

 Arthur T is a man of respect, and he cares for each and every one of us! The board needs to let the man run the company, open store, promote employees part-time fulltime managers, and get the ball rolling again! United we Stand!

Mark Smith 51489 #42



  1. lisa deltrecco says:

    Mark, you are absolutely right!!! I am one of those part timers that Mr. Artie T has stopped and chatted with. You look up thinking you are about to greet a customer and it is the CEO standing in front of you!! It is an amazing feeling knowing he is actually taking time out of his busy day to chat with you. What other CEO does that? It shows he really cares about all associates.
    His way of doing business needs to continue.
    BOD release him and let this challenge be over!!

  2. MarK lemieux says:

    Good stuff Mark. I am proud to work with you.

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