Guest post, Mark Scamman Store Director Leominster

“Mark has been associated with our company for 39 years and the manager of Leominster for the past 8 years. Mark this past fall managed his store through a major renovation adding 10,000 square feet including a kitchen and cafe. Leominster #16 is essentially a brand new store. It’s not easy to stay open and take care of your customers when going through such a renovation but Mark and his team did it without a problem.”

My name is Mark Scamman and I am in my 39th year with Market Basket. I am a Store Director of the newly remodeled Leominster Store #16. There is not much I can say that has not been said by many associates on this website. Much of what I have and become today is because of Arthur T DeMoulas and his Dad; Mr T.A. DeMoulas, and the DeMoulas family. I would like to tell everyone about the remodel of the Leominster store #16.
The transformation from a 55,000 square foot, shop worn store, to a 65,000 state of the art; essentially brand new store ceiling to floor, has been nothing short of miraculous. Hundreds of customers, all through the process, have nothing but compliments. All the construction was professional and no piles of dirt in aisle #9. I wish to personally thank all who helped. I am still in awe of how this transpired without a hitch. Norm Martin liked to say ‘It’s not our first rodeo’.
The leadership of this company was instrumental with this outcome. We need Arthur T DeMoulas to continue to lead us. There are many more stores to open. There is plenty of room for all of us to ‘Ride the Wave’.
Mark Scamman

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