Guest Post, Mark Gouthier, Store Director Burlington

My name is Mark Gouthier and I am the Store Director at Burlington #24.   I started working for this GREAT company when I was 14 years old as a bagger, and 35 years later it shows you what hard work can accomplish.  I know it has taken me a while to write this post, but those of you who know me know that this is not me.  Usually when I say anything it should not be put on paper or even repeated.   I tend to speak my mind.  Some say if you don’t put it in writing then you don’t care about the company or ATD…that is NOT the case.  I have been to all the rallies and have spoken with ATD and told him I am behind him 100%.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best people in the business, T.A. Demoulas, ATD, Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell, Julien Lacourse, Tom Gordon just to name a few.  They have taught me loyalty, respect, hard work and to speak out for yourself and to care about this company.

Like I mentioned, I started working when I was 14 and went full-time in 1981.  I have worked in 25 to 30 different stores whether it be for night crews, stocking, resets, and new store set-ups.  When we talk about “family”, this is the only family I know.  At one time I have had 4 brothers and a sister working for the company.  Now my wife, Christine, who I met at Market Basket when I was 20, is an office manager, my daughter Ashley is a bakery manager and my son Ryan is a meat cutter and combined we have 76 years of service.  So you can see this IS MY FAMILY!!  We have succeeded in this company by our hard work and the generosity of TA, ATD, and his sisters.  When ATD comes into my store he knows who I am and he knows my family by name and that’s the first thing he asks about.  What other CEO does this?  It sure isn’t the BOD, they know who none of us are or for that matter even care to.  If they did, they would take the time and come into the stores and talk to the employees and customers.  Instead they choose to hide in their offices.

I am very proud to be a part of this company and even more proud to say nobody can run this company better than ATD.  He works just as hard if not harder than anyone else to keep this company one big family,and to keep it growing so he can continue to give back to the customers and employees for their loyalty and dedication to Market Basket.

BOD take the handcuffs off ATD and let him do what he does BEST!!

ATD thank you for everything and we have your back!!

Mark J Gouthier
Store Director Burlington #24
Proud and Loyal employee of 35yrs


  1. Tom Trainor says:

    Great post Mark thanks for speaking up we need to let this Board know we are ONE

    • elizabeth bates says:

      Mr. Trainor,
      It was so very nice to meet you today!! I was so pleased to get a chance to say thank you! For the posts you have written in support of this fight we all have such a huge stake in and encouraging others to join and speak up! Its working sir as shown by Mark Gouthier’s post! Great job Mr Trainor and all the others in leadership roles for showing those who are not public, that its really ok to get public and speak out! It makes us al stronger!
      Also I was grinning like a happy kid all day as you took the time to meet me and thank me for doing whats right and being active here! Made my day and now I can say I have met you!
      Have a great weekend and stay MB strong!

  2. elizabeth bates says:

    s I am glad you have done this post sir. I know that it can be difficult for folks to put themselves out there and I am glad you were able to. Just because a person does not feel comfortable to become public, online, posting their support, does NOT mean that they don’t care. Its just sometimes hard to do. So I am very glad that you have opened this gateway, so to speak, and hope that it will help those who really would like to state their support, publicly, but for whatever reason have been unable to do so. Thank you so much sir!!!! And your post is truly excellent!!!

  3. Mark; I’m with you! Proud to call you a friend. Excellent post.

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