Guest post, Kyle Charron Front End Manager Ashland

  • Hi my name is Kyle Charron, I am a front end manager for store 46 Ashland. I’ve been with the company for 6yrs in this upcoming March. I’ve been successful thanks to all of the associates that are within our company. I have a wife, 4 young boys, and a House that I purchased last year and this is all made possible by our company and CEO Arthur T. Demoulas and for that I am grateful.
    Our company has dominated the industry in the last decade, our competition has closed stores and downsized their personal. Our company was planning on opening 2-3 stores last year, supplying community’s with Market Basket’s “more for your dollar” awesome shopping experience, creating jobs within those community’s and continuing down that path until July of 2013. I just want to thank the “A” shareholders and the board for their incompetence to take the bull by the horns and allow our CEO to lead our company to continue on our journey to be the leaders in the industry. This is all for what, personal gain instead of greatness! This is a industry you know nothing about nor had anything to do with for the last some odd years. Oh yeah don’t forget the greed you have endured upon all of us!
    Thank you Mr. A.T. DeMoulas for all you have done, we all back you 100% and will never give up on our company! We are a T.E.A.M. (together everyone achieves more)!

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