Guest post, Kristen Adamczyk Deli Manager Tewksbury

My name is Kristen Adamczyk and for 18 years I’ve been working at the Tewksbury Stadium Plaza store #8. It has only been recently that I’ve become Deli Manager but it is my pleasure to say that I have worked along side many wonderful people that have come through this store. I’m honored to have been mentored by soo many great Deli Managers(some who are now Supervisors) in my years.
This company has always given me security and stability to make a good living and to be able to provide for my family and our future.
These Board of Directors should visit the stores and see for themselves how this well oiled machine really runs!
How hard we work to take care of our customers needs.How we build relationships with these neighborhoods that shop in our stores-How we know customers by name not just face. There is a uniqueness in this company that you can’t find anywhere else. There is a team effort from the store managers level right to our young ones just starting out that is one of a kind!
I would like to say “Thank You” to Mr.Arthur T.Demoulas for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this company that leads in this industry. You have my full support Sir!
And to Mr.Tom Trainor,thank you for challenging more of us to make our voices be heard. This is Our Fight!!
Kristen Adamczyk-Deli Manager Store #8

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