Guest post, Kevin Feole Store Director Chelsea 35 years

“The following guest post is from Kevin Feole, Store Director of our flagship store in Chelsea.  Kevin is highly respected by his associates, his peers and by senior management.  Kevin is usually a man of action not words but the words he has written down here are very powerful and he challenges all Store Directors and associates to stand with him and the rest of us to right this wrong, thank you Kevin!”

Thirty-five years. That’s a long time. A lifetime for some. Well, that is how long I have been a member of the Market Basket family. I have learned a lot over those years. Things like trust, hard work, dedication, commitment. Does all of this ring a bell?  It should. This is what is at the core of our Philosophy. These beliefs are the very heart of who we are.

My name is Kevin Feole. I am the Store Director of the Chelsea Market Basket. I know all of you are familiar with the Chelsea store, but many of you might not know me. If you do, you know that this is not my style. I am a man of few words, most of them not suitable for print. But it has come to a point where I feel that I need to throw my two cents in. Allow me to introduce myself:

I am loyal. Loyal to this company, loyal to my family; but to me, they are one in the same. I have had the privilege to learn from the best. Men among Men. People like TA DeMoulas, Arthur T DeMoulas, Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell, Tom Gordan, Tom Trainor and others, too many to name here. They taught me the importance of respect, fairness, loyalty and hard work. They showed me, that with this, your potential is endless. I never dreamed that I would reach the level that I am at today. With their guidance, I was able to make that possible. I would not change a thing. This is a family business to me, literally. I have two sons and a daughter-in-law that work here also, and I could not be more proud. Not because one day they might follow in my footsteps, but because they might follow in the footsteps that ATD has layed down for us.

In saying all that, I must say this: that way of life is being threatened. Just as much today as it was on July 18th. Just because we received our bonuses, just because it was “promised” to us that our contributions to our profit sharing would remain the same, just because we had a warm and fuzzy letter written to us by a PR firm does NOT mean it is all ok!  We got those bonuses because of the fight in ONE man, ATD. Our profit sharing is safe, for now, because of the fight in ONE man, ATD. Never forget this. This is why OUR fight must continue. We all must still stay the course. I was there with all of you in Andover. I was there at the Prudential Tower, when certain people showed us their real feelings for us. I was there with all of you in Waltham . And I will remain there with all of you, right to the end. That is the key, everyone. ALL of us. We are a family, and must continue down this road together. I, for one, am not blinded by fancy letters claiming credit for our bonuses and wishing us a Merry Christmas. If they want our Christmas to be Merry, then leave ATD alone. Leave him  to do what he does best. Leave him to lead us. Leave him, unshackled, to grow the best family business in the country. And I for one, will continue to stand behind my leader, ATD, as long as he is willing to lead me.

This is OUR fight. Not just his. I have been silent in all these forums up until now, because like I said, it’s just not me. I have a store to run. Payroll to make. Customers to service. But I realize, that if I, and everyone else, do not voice our concerns, that I just might not have that store to run. Think about it. Is it worth  the time to sit down and type this letter? Damn right it is!  Get out there. Let your voice be heard!  Together we are unstoppable. Let’s treat this battle like a directive. A directive not to lose. And when do we ever NOT follow through on a directive?


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    “Let’s treat this battle like a directive.” Absolutely, positively brilliant words spoken by one of the most respected men in our company. I am speechless, other than the words “Thank you, Mr. Feole.”

  2. Kelley sipsey says:

    Great job Kevin! Nicely written!

  3. Tom Trainor says:

    Well said Kevin, if this doesn’t unite the troops I don’t know what will!

  4. Jim therrien says:

    I worked in the grocery business for over 40 years. I do little consulting now but I don’t have any direct contact with DSM buyers. I spent many tough years making the calls but they were always fair and gave the manufactures “More for their Dollar”. My heart is with the MB employees and organization. I saw a shopper the other day in Woodbury Ave grap a “red coat” and point out a spill on the floor. That same day I discovered a frozen item discarded but still frozen. I returned it to the freezer. We “the customers” are part of your family. Stay focused. Stay strong and thanks for all you do for your loyal consumers.

  5. I’m with you Kevin. Great post.

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