Guest post, Kent Werner Store Director Billerica

“Thank you Kent for adding your voice through your 41 years of experience to the thousands that know this Board is bad for associates, customers, vendors and the communities we serve.”

My name is Kent Werner. I am proud to say I am manager of store #7 in Billerica, MA. I don’t usually use Facebook, but I felt compelled to write given the events that have taken place since the summer. !

I started working as bagger on September 5th 1972. 41 years later, I’m still here. Through out my proud career, with the guidance of store managers, assistant managers and our headquarters, I was shown that honest and hard work pays off. I was expected to do the best I could and to put the customers first. All of which has been made that much easier under the guidance and direction of Arthur T. Demoulas.!

In my opinion, Arthur T. Demoulas has done a remarkable job running this company, as his father did before him. Under his direction, we as a company have seen incredible growth and beautiful remodels of existing stores. By doing so, we have been able to continue to offer our loyal customers bigger selections while keeping our prices low. Growth had also allowed us to hire many new associates, giving them the opportunity to provide their families with a better life and to guide new associates toward successful careers at Market Basket.!

What other company has a CEO who will stop in the store parking a lot and help a customer load groceries into their car? What other CEO knows your name, your wife’s name and your children’s names and genuinely cares how you and your family are doing? What other CEO spends time in the stores speaking with associates and talking to customers asking how we can serve them better? I know of NONE. Arthur T. Demoulas does it because it’s the right thing to do.!

Arthur T. Demoulas has the knowledge and the passion that it takes to run this company. His record of successful growth, happy associates and happy loyal customers speaks for itself. !
I am proud to say that most of what I have today I have because of Arthur T. Demoulas, this great company he has maintained and my wife, who started with the company herself 39 years ago.I come to work everyday to take care of the customers, who with their continued loyalty, take care of the company. I do this because I am proud to call myself an associate of Market Basket. I also do this because Arthur T. Demoulas and this company have taught me it’s the right thing to do.!

Board of Directors, please let Arthur T. Demoulas continue to lead this company in the positive and successful direction he has been. Under his leadership we as a company will continue to prosper. From the shareholders to the associates to the communities in which we server our loyal customers. !

Leaving Arthur T. Demoulas as CEO is not only in the best interest of all of these things, it it the right thing to do. !

Proud Bagger to Proud Store Manager.!

Kent Werner!


  1. elizabeth bates says:

    Excellent post sir! Thank you for sharing this with us and adding your voice to the growing number of MB family members showing we will stand strong, stand proud and united in our support for Arthur T. Demoulas. He has proven that he is the best man to lead our company both in growing our business and putting people first. This has kept our company thriving, our customers loyal and satisfied. He is a leader that we, the MB associates, respect, admire and trust to do what is right. Thank you agan sir! Keep up the fight!

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