Guest post, Keith Pusey

My name is Keith Pusey I am the asst. store manager in Tewksbury 22. I have worked for Market Basket for over 28 years. I, like everyone else, worked my way up the ranks. We have all held different positions in quite a few stores over the years. MY story is just like everyone else, but I wanted to share it and to be heard. Very early on in my career I was struggling with staying with the company, as I was trying to work my way through college at night and raise a son on my own. I wasn’t sure if anyone would have faith that I could juggle all these things as well as give 100% to Market Basket. Well, that question was answered one day when I was only a second man or asst. grocery manager { there were no class 50 back then} Mr. Rockwell came into the store when the manager was away on vacation, and the asst. was dealing with a injured employee. I had met and said hello to Rocky before, so I approached him and explained where the asst. was. He said no problem Keith, and grabbed my arm and said,” walk with me.” He proceded to ask me about my family and where I lived and how long I worked for Market Basket, and if I liked working here. Every dept we walked through he would show and explain something to me. I kept thinking to myself,” why is this grocery supervisor telling me about the rotation of produce or the color of hamburger?” When the asst. caught up to us and I tried to say good bye, Rocky told the asst.that the store looked good, and for that that he was going to walk with me. I couldn’t believe that he really wanted to keep going with me. Now, after going around the store and the back room he explained that everything he just told me was just trying to teach me and make me better,
and that I was the type of person that would be a manager In couple of years, I was the future of this company. Now, here is a top excutive that took the time and effort to teach a young man who wasn’t sure if anyone would consider he had potential, that Market Basket is truly a great company and team and that with hard work and dedication you can succed. Im sure Rocky doesn’t remember that day but it changed my life. I became focused and realized that working together, whether it be at 5 am in Ashland to reset the aisles, or helping clean up a store and save product after a fire, that we were a family and had each others back. Soon I was on my way into management, working hard, sharing in the rewards of hard work and sharing in the profits of the company that I was working so hard to make bigger and better.

This company is rock solid from the very top down. The senior management and excutive team in place is the reson so many other companies try to copy us. They are the reson we are the leaders in this industry. With ATD leading and teaching the philosphy he was taught by his father TA, we have excelled and grown like cutsu growing in the summer down south. You cannot stop us.
The only reason the board would want to change any aspect of this company would be for another cash grab, plain and simple. They have no intention of sticking around and watching this great company of ours grow and flourish.. Who in there right frame of mind would ever fathom changing this formula of success? Why in the world world would you even talk about removing ATD or any of his team team { excutive search firm ] There is only one reason you would take a shark out of the water…. to kill it!!! So you the board could cash out and watch so many peoples efforts crumble, why not instead roll your sleeves up and jump in and get these new stores open, get a new warehouse built, expand this company to help it, not harm it, and you will reap so much more than just going for cash and burning it down. There is only one boss in this company, and I like all of you stand tall and proud behind ATD!!!!!

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