Guest post, Jon & Nicole Dixon

As the opening line makes clear, this post has sat in our inbox for too long. For that, we apologize to Jon and Nicole.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the MB Family. We are Very Thankful to work for the Greatest Company in the World. Our entire income is earned at Market Basket. ATD has afforded us luxuries that we only could’ve dreamed of when growing up as kids. ATD treats us as employees like we are the Best in the Business. Nobody in the country has better benefits and that is a fact. I was talking to a part time employee who has a full time job and has to pay 525 dollars every other week for sub standard medical insurance. We are all well aware of how many 401k plans have tanked. Yet ATD cares not only for his employees health now with excellent medical insurance but our security after we retire as well. This is something that I don’t even feel our own government does a good job of. There are constant questions regarding social security and whether it will be there when we retire. My wife and I are confident that with ATD leading our company that we can retire as life long MB employees with our retirement years secure.
While growing up my parents instilled many strong values in brother, sister and myself. One of the things they harped on was working hard and putting 100 percent in to everything we do. These values I feel have made me a perfect MB employee like so many others I work with. At age 41 I m still not too old to learn life lessons from others. One of these lessons was taught to me by ATD and it is one I will pass on to my children. Last January 17th I had knee surgery to repair a badly damaged patellar tendon and remove some painful bone spurs. I was out of work for seven weeks. Trust me when I tell U, I couldn’t wait to go back to work!! Shortly after I got back I was transferred to store 43 and was given the honor of closing the old store and opening the new one. This gave me a chance to thank all of the deli supervisors for the patience and understanding they had while I was recovering. The final thank you I wanted to give was to ATD. During the Grand Opening I got my chance. He took me aside and we had a private conversation. I became overwhelmed by the moment and got teary eyed in my gratitude for what a great company he runs. He told me we were in the people business first. I never looked at it that way until that moment. We always go one hundred miles an hour trying to service the customers and get our daily task done. As he always does he spoke calmly and candidly. He took the time to listen to a funny story I shared with him about my 12 year old son telling my mother how if he couldn’t play in the NBA he wanted to work in the family business. My mother said to him, what family business? He said without hesitation, Market Basket Nana. My whole family works there. ATD laughed and we parted ways with a handshake as always. I walked away thinking to myself, I teared up and told him a silly story about my son, he probably thinks I m losing it. Less than a week later a meeting was called and ATD addressed the turmoil he and our company was facing and at this meeting he told the story about my son and the family business. This moment told me everything I needed to know about ATD’s character and integrity. Here is a man with a heavy mind, with the weight of this growing turmoil in front of him and while we had our private conversation I had no clue what he was going through. I had his undivided attention. That is the mark of a true leader. So calm, so focused on each moment and each individual personal interaction and able to put aside inner turmoil and focus on that moment. ATD I hope that I can be a quarter of the leader you are. Any person that doesn’t recognize the fact that you are the only clear leader of our company is blinded by some opposing force. Thank you for that life lesson. My son will be 14 in May and has already said that as long as ATD is still the President and CEO he will be joining the, “Family Business!” Happy Thanksgiving!! Jon and Nicole Dixon


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