Guest post, John Gordon Store Director West Bridgewater

“This is a guest post from John Gordon, Store Director of West Bridgewater and associate for 41 years. John is another veteran Store Director, highly respected by all, John ran the Stadium Plaza Tewksbury store for many years.”

I have been with Market Basket for 41 years, 21 of those years as a Store Director. Market Basket has always provided me with a successful and fulfilling career. ATD has always provided strong leadership and a work ethic to be admired. Market Basket is not your average company and ATD is not your average CEO.

Ask any manager, office personnel or customer about him. They will all tell you the same thing. A visit from ATD at the Tewksbury 8 store would last upwards of 2 hours. The first hour of which he would talk with customers who knew him. He always left with a firm handshake and a look in you eye and tell you “if you need anything call me”. It was clear he meant it. Not your average CEO.

The turnout alone at the July 18 Board of Director’s meeting in support of ATD should tell you Artie is truly someone amazing who is loved, appreciated and admired by all Market Basket associates. It was over 15 hours in 90+ degree weather. You saw us when you came in and you saw us when you left. Not your average company and not your average CEO.

The sudden shift in Board power has put ATD’s leadership in jeopardy. It is through ATD’s leadership and direction that Market Basket is not your average company. It is through ATD’s leadership and direction that Market Basket will continue to grow debt free with loyal customers and even more loyal associates. Market Basket is not your average company. ATD is not your average CEO.

I would ask the Board of Directors to step back and take a look at our business model and philosophies under the leadership of ATD. It is a model that should be industry standard. I ask the Board to allow the greatest CEO in the industry to continue to do what he does best… RUN THIS COMPANY.

John Gordon
Store Director
41 years


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Another great post by one of our respected veterans. I am hopeful that the more that speak up makes this BOD take that step back and see that under the leadership of ATD, we will never be your average anything.

  2. Ian harcourt says:

    Awesome post Mr. Gordon! I have learned so much under your leadership. I can’t thank you enough for your mentoring early on in my career. Again great post.

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