Guest post, Joe Angelari Store Director Ashland

“Joe has been an associate of Market Basket for 25 years and is one of our newer Store Directors but Joe has proven his skills in piloting one of our toughest stores, Ashland MA. Joe accepted the challenge to run Ashland and hit the ground running from his first day there. Thank you for standing united with us Joe!”

My name is Joe Angelari, and I am the Store Director in the Ashland store, #46. I have had the honor to work in this great organization for the past 25 years. I started as a part time sacker at the age of 15 in the Methuen store, #10. Like all of our management and supervision, I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top through hard work and determination. A work ethic I was taught by the many great managers I have had the opportunity to work for along the way. A work ethic that was taught to all of us by TA Demoulas, AT Demoulas, Joe Rockwell, Bill Marsden, and many other great leaders that this company had been fortunate to have throughout the years. Arthur T Demoulas over this last decade has been the driving force behind the on going success of this company. His leadership has paved the way for our sales to more than double since 2008, and over the past 8 years remodel and build 23 new stores. Our growth has been phenomenal, and each time we put a new Market Basket into a new area, we have other towns and city’s calling our corporate office asking if we can come to their town. As a company, we are all one. We proved it that faithful day back on July 18th, when we all stood together to support the greatest CEO a company could ever imagine. I still, and always will, stand beside Arthur T Demoulas, and do so with pride. It is because of him that my family has the things we need, and our future is bright. I go to work each and every day, knowing that my wife and my two beautiful daughters will always be taken care of as long as Arthur T is our boss. When my wife and I talked to him this past December at our company christmas party, we thanked him for his generosity, and he in turn thanked us for supporting him. He then pulled is aside and asked us about our girls. We talked about their sports and school and shared a few stories. Not like your average CEO is he?? With Mr D we are not just a number. We are his people, we are his family. Most CEO’s are only worried about profits and shareholder gains, while our CEO is worried about whether or not your family is doing well and in good health. He is worried about the vendors, the contractors, and the customers that make this great organization run. He is a giving man, who is always giving back to the community’s, while most of the time it goes unnoticed, because he doesn’t boast and brag. He truly is not only the “Man of the Year”, but in our case the “Man of the Century”. I have always felt that I made the right choice by deciding to make a career out of Market Basket. Now even more I feel that way. I feel that as a company, we have grown even stronger together and in ” lock step” over these last 7 trying months. I know where my loyalty lies, and that is with Arthur T Demoulas. I ask this question, which I’m sure that every associate has asked. Why try to fix something that is not broken, and why try and mess with something as successful as this company is right now? The answer, is greed. Something that Arthur T is the furthest thing away from ever being associated with. I stand together, with Tom Gordon, Tom Trainor, every store director, every assistant store director, and every member of management, and all 25,000 associates, in saying that we will always and have always stood by the greatest leader and CEO that any company or organization could ever have. Mr. Arthur T Demoulas.


  1. Andy Heggarty says:

    Nice post Joe! It couldn’t of been said any better than that. We are all in lock-step with ATD!!

  2. Hit the nail head Joe! Great post.

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