Guest Post, Jerry Rourke, Store Director

My name is Jerry Rourke and my story is the same as everyone else who has posted. I started as a sacker in 1975 in Tewksbury #8. I was offered a full time position when Wood St. #19 opened. I had to meet with Mr. Marsden who asked me one question that ultimately changed my life. That question was do I want a job or do I want a career? My response was a career.

With the leadership and guidance of Mr. TA Demoulas, Mr. AT Demoulas, Mr. Marsden, Mr.Rockwell and Walter Durkin, I was mentored on how to become a leader and was taught if you work hard, did your job and remembered the cardinal rule thatĀ  ” WE work for our customers” you could succeed in this company.

During the last 10 years I thought nobody could stop our growth. Since June that has all changed and we all have learned that the only ones that are able to stop us is our own Board of Directors. How sad is that?

I have one question for Arthur S and our BOD. Why do you want to change one of the most successful companies in the country? It doesn’t make any sense to me why you wouldn’t let Arthur T. and the great leaders of this company do what they do best. I believe Arthur T is our leader and our one and only boss, so to the BOD please step aside and let us do what we do best.

Jerry RourkeĀ 
Store Director
Haverhill #48
Employee # 3363
38 years of service


  1. Nice words Mr. Rourke! You were one of my many mentors throughout the years.. Thank you for everything you taught me !

  2. Tom Trainor says:

    Thanks Jerry for taking a stand, your story is just like mine and Walter Durkin was also a mentor for me

  3. Woo hoo Mr. Rourke!!!! Kudos to you. Well said, short and to the point

  4. elizabeth bates says:

    Great post from a great man! Thank you Mr. Rourke for getting this out there, the more voices speaking up, the stronger we all are! This is a great company, run by many great leaders, and our CEO Arthur T. Demoulas is a shinning example of why this all works. He leads by example and truly makes this a ‘people first’ way of building good business and good will. Your request to the BOD is right on target, sir! – Good job.

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