Guest post, Jason Ramsey Asst Store Director Ashland

Hi my name is Jason Ramsey and I am an assistant store manager in Ashland store # 46. I have had a amazing opportunity to work for this great company for the last 25 years. I started as a 15 year old bagger in our Somerville store #28, where I have had the opportunity to work for 2 great men. Mr. T.A Demoulas and Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. I was one of three boys raised by a single mother who worked 3 jobs just to put food on the table and clothes on our backs. I was extremely thankful that Market Basket was there to help. I remember when I started working I was helping a customer to her car with her groceries and I looked over and saw an older gentleman just watching me. I was a little nervous why this man was standing in the middle of the parking lot just staring at me but I just kept loading the ladies groceries into her car and thanked her and proceeded back to my register. When I was at my register he came over to me and asked my name. I hesitated and then told him. He introduced himself to me and then I realized I was talking to Mr. T.A Demoulas. He mentioned that what I did helping that customer to her car was excellent service and asked me where I learned it. I told him that my mother always told me to be respectful and hard working. He replied with an attitude like mine I could go far in this company. I was sold right there. Can you imagine the owner of a company actually speaking to his newest employees. We talked for about 10 minutes then I went back to work. I will tell you the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas is cut from the same mold. He is truly a phenomenal person and a great humanitarian. A person who puts others before himself. I was very hesitant about posting here because I am young and still have small children to raise, but thank you Mr. Trainor for opening my eyes. Where would I be without Mr Demoulas and his father? I will tell you it wouldn’t be where I am today. We have an opportunity to make the lives of hundreds of thousands more feel more secure in these hard times just by opening new stores and giving great value to our shoppers, but we need to take the shackles off Mr. Demoulas. He has been running the most successful supermarket in the industry. Why don’t we just let him him continue to do his job so everyone can benefit from his leadership. Mr.D was right when he said we have the best people and the best prices. One thing he forgot to say is that we truly do have the best Owner/CEO/and leader in the industry. Thank You Mr Demoulas for being the phenomenal person you are and allowing us to be part of this great company. I am proud to have worked for this organization for 25 years and for the next 25. I will always support Mr. Arthur T Demoulas 100% as he has always done for all of us.


  1. Kelley sipsey says:

    Very well written Jason!

  2. Terry mccarthy says:

    Excellent post Jason!

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