Guest post, Jamie Cunneen Asst Store Director 25 years

Over the past months, I have been reading the experiences of my fellow associates, and now more than ever do you realize how similar we all are. Cut from the same cloth. It amazes me. The fact that I am a part of such an incredible family, humbles me.  Sometimes  I forget how lucky I am.

When I made the trip into Store #10 in the fall of ’88, there was no way of knowing that day would alter my life forever. You see, at the age of 15, you just don’t see these things coming. But 25 years later, it is clear to me that I have been shaped and molded by the finest. Not only about the grocery business, but about life. And for this, I say thank you. Thank you to TA DeMoulas (the Boss), AT DeMoulas (also The Boss), Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell, Tom Gordon, Tom Trainor and countless others that have given me the opportunity, and their time and wisdom, to become what I am today:

A success in life; a proud Father of two beautiful girls.  A success in my chosen industry; I am the assistant store director of the busiest supermarket in the country, the Chelsea Market Basket, Store # 32. I couldn’t be prouder of both. How many people can say this about a company? That they truly attribute all they have, all they have learned, from their job? Except for my fellow associates, no one that I know. That, in its self, is what makes this company worth fighting for. That is why we will follow our leader, Arthur T DeMoulas to the ends of the earth. That is why this is OUR company.

What people, especially three in particular, do not realize is that this is not just a 9-5 job. We don’t just “punch the clock”.  This is who we are. This Company is US, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will never be swayed. Our resolve will only get stronger. Our allegiance, to one man, ATD, will forever remain. And this is why we will not lose. We are a family. We are MB. Thank you, Mr D, for letting me be a part of this.
Jamie Cunneen
25 years

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