Guest post, Ivo Neto Asst Meat Manager Londonderry

” And if a house be divided against itself, that house can not stand ” … ( Book of Mark 3-25 )

Well I guess everybody deserves to have a chance to express how they really feel about everything that’s has been taking place with our great company …
My name is Ivo Neto , born and raised in the great tropical weather of Brazil , South America
When I turned 21 years old , after many times of trying to get a job in a third world country where the competition is way above your real chance of acctually getting one , I decided
To follow my youngest brother’s step and get into a plane and fly to North America seeking ( The Great America Dream ) …
As soon as got here I was brought by a friend to a Market Basket store located in south Nashua NH in order to filled an application to a job at the meat department , something that I had a little knowledge to do … After taking a cutting test , the position of apprentice of meat cutter was given to me 3 days after I arrived at United States … ( I have no doubt in my mind that God open that door for me ) .
I come from a place where I’ve seen a lot in my life … Starvation , sickness , crime and much more but the real bad part is that many of those who surffered with all that if they wanted to change their lives ,
a chance would never been given to them the major ( 80 % ) of the low level class of the population … After 13 years of being a Market Basket employee , I’ve notice that Mr. ArthurT
Demoulas’s philosophy of running a business , didn’t only give me a chance to get a pay check every week but above all gave me the opportunity to dream once again in my life … Now I can look back 13 years ago and see who I was and who I’m since I met this great company . ” Arthie T’s philosophy gave me the chance to bring back to life dreams that once I had killed . Not only myself and my wife and kids but through me also my parents that I left in Brazil , have been blessed by the opportunity that Mr. Arthur T Demoulas gave me !
I have no words to thank you Mr . Arthur T Demoulas for giving me the chance to help my family , parents and also making me a better man …
In 2004 I became a believer in Christ ( a Christian ) and since then my favorite book is the bible because it explains to me a lot of things that seems not to make any sense sometimes and one of them is the fact that how a great company like our company ( as your father used to say ) can be going through a such tough time … The true is Mr . T that people like you who care about others and give them a chance to dream will always face great challenges …
Arthur T , all that I have left to say to you and to all my coworkers and families involved in Market Basket is that I will always stand at your side and fight all the way to the end in order to keep people dreaming and giving them a chance to be a better person that they were yesterday … Thank you very much … My only boss … My great boss … The person that God has used in this Earth to be a canal of bless for many others !!!
You can count on me today and until the day I die …

Together we stay strong … We are Market Basket !!!
Ivo Neto ( Assistant Meat Manager at store 42 Londonderry NH


  1. MarK lemieux says:

    Great post Ivo. I am proud of you.

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Nice story Ivo. Thanks for sharing. Keep the faith!

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