Guest post, Greg Packard Store Director Portsmouth

“Greg is another Store Director that has been with the company in excess of forty years and another that learned his craft from the late Vinnie Clancy. Thank you Greg for speaking out and telling your story.”

I am Greg Packard,the store director at Market Basket #56 in Portsmouth ,New Hampshire. I have had the great honor of working for this company for the past forty years.
As many of us were, I was hired on as a part time bagger. I started my job in the Salem # 6 store under the the supervision of Mr. Vin Clancy in 1973 and when the Seabrook # 30 store opened I transferred to that location. To my great pleasure Mr. Clancy was offered the directorship at that store and he took me under his wing. He taught me the value of hard work and encouraged me to set my sights on the management ladder as he believed that I had the abilities and know how to climb it and become an integral part of an incredible company. Market Basket could become my career.

Mr. Clancy was correct. I worked hard and not only did Market Basket become my career of choice, the people here showed me that I was a part of their family and that not only would they rejoice in my accomplishments, but that they would also be here for my lows. I was diagnosed with cancer in 1989 and was unable to work for six months due to the illness and the treatments that were designed to eradicate it. Most companies and CEO’s would have just gone on with business as usual, but not this company or it’s CEO. Every week Arthur T. would call my wife to check up on me, asking how everything was and if she needed any financial help. He cared. Period, end of sentence. Because of his caring and offers of assistance to my wife and myself, I was able to set aside some of the tremendous stress that comes along with any illness and just focus all my energies on getting healthy and getting back to the important things in life, like recovering and seeing my children grow up.

After my illness and subsequent recovery, I was able to return to the career that I had built in a company that cares about its employees. How many other companies or CEO’s can boast that they know their employees as individuals and not just numbers on spreadsheets? How many other CEO’s have personally called to check in with an ill employee or their families to see what could be done to help? This is the reason that Arthur T. Demoulas was voted 2013 Person Of The Year by the Lowell Sun. He cares about this company, about his employees and about people in general.

I know that in 2014 the Board of Directors will once again deliberate removing Arthur T. as the CEO of this company. I am not in favor of any decision that will remove him from a leadership position. He has shown through many years of exemplary service and many years of caring for his employees as individual people that he excels in HIS career choice and I believe that he should be allowed to continue to do so.

Greg Packard
Store Director
Market Basket #56
Portsmouth, NH

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  1. elizabeth bates says:

    Thank you for such a great post that says so much! I am glad you are well, and your treatment successful. I am not surprised by the support you and your family were given by ATD and others in the MB family, I am just so amazed at all he does, every time, for so many. A true leader, a true family (MB ) man. Excellent post sir!
    Arthur T. We all stand with you, we are family and we are damn tough.

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