Guest Post from Gordon Pike, Assistant Store Director

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

My name is Gordon Pike and I am the Assistant Store Director in Rochester #50.

My grandfather always told me “Don’t back down from a fight – you’ve got to give the other fellow hell!” Artie T. is doing that same exact thing for us. He is going after the Board and ASD with guns blazing. I feel the letter ATD sent to Keith Cowan and the rest of the Board controlled by ASD shouldn’t let our company business be public business for our competition to use against us. The¬†¬†website is full of lies and half truths. Thankfully we have people pointing out the lies and distortions. We can figure some things out on our own but there are some behind the scenes happenings that we aren’t privy to and we are now (in the last few months) being made aware of. They probably thought when they put out that website we would go aww, everything is ok now. Well guess what Board…I’m not drinking your Kool-Aid!!!

My total loyalty lies with Arthur T. Demoulas, whose father, himself, and his family has helped grow this company into one of the most highly respected, well run and feared retailers in the area! Through the years ATD, his father, and his family have treated my family generously and fairly through bonuses, profit sharing and the Demoulas scholarship foundation to name a few. I was so lucky to have Mike Demoulas take an interest in me. Everytime he came in he would pull me aside and we would have a private chat. Whether it was about my family, business, how many things Johnny the bagger could fit in the bag, he always made time for me. So much so, that when he came into the store, the store manager would say that your father wants to talk to you. Artie T. is the same way. You work with him, not for him. Everytime I see him, he always asks how my family is first. That shows you the respect he has for each and every associate. He would not lie and tell us half truths. He would not take money out of our pockets. He will fight to the end for us.

I’m surprised that there hasn’t been more of an outrage over the profit sharing and bonuses the Board rejected with their pitiful excuses. That decision cost our full time and salaried associates thousands of dollars yet you would hardly know it. If Arthur T. felt that you earned and deserved it, then you damn well earned and deserved it. It shouldn’t be at the Board’s whim. What then Board, is the real reason you are railroading us? To help ASD with his grudge against ATD?

I highly doubt any of the companies of the other Boards you sit on are as successful or as profitable as we are. Please look in your hearts, think things through rationally, then get out of the way, take the handcuffs off, and let Artie T. do the job he loves so much and is second to none at.

There is a line drawn in the sand and I’m willing to cross it. If you get rid of Arthur T. Demoulas, you also get rid of Gordon Pike and my 31 years of service, as my loyalty is to Artie T. and not to a Market Basket without his involvement.

United we stand, divided we fall. Stay MB strong.

Gordon Pike #50
31 years of loyal and faithful service


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Tremendous letter, clearly from the heart! Our company is an amazing one, and this BOD doesn’t see it because they haven’t let themselves experience it! Get to know us, and we will prove to you that the handcuffs put on ATD are just reckless and counterproductive…

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