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Victor starts our Sunday with a great post…

Our Company Is Our People

Good evening and thank you for taking a few moments to read this post.
As many of you, I have been keeping up to date with the latest developments of our company via the face book site and now the We Are Market Basket site. Hats off to the person that have created and maintained the pages. You are a true leader. I have read all of the posts that have displayed so much of the passion that all of us share for Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas and our entire company as a whole. A personal note of thanks to all of you for being a voice fighting for each member of our company. A personal note of thanks to Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas for taking the hits for all of us. Mr. D. you are our champion! From the July rally to today, I have learned a great deal about our company and our people. I have never been more proud of our company than the day we stood together shoulder to shoulder in support of our leader. We were a voice that was heard that day; we have made a difference. For the people that missed the opportunity to participate, it is never too late to be heard. Don’t feel bad, or have regret, there is still an opportunity to get involved. The window of opportunity appears to be closing fast with the talk of an executive search firm being paid $300,000. Who wants to work somewhere else? If top management is removed, that is exactly what will happen. We will be a different company.

In life there are some people that are just in it for themselves, plain and simple. I don’t understand it, but that’s life, tough luck. That being noted, I strongly believe that each person has the ability to change and do the right thing.

I believe that our board of directors needs to take a step back and think carefully about their actions. Judging on your actions to date, you are not doing your job and should begin to use the executive search firm as a resource to replace yourselves.

Here is what you have accomplished to date:

You have shown no support for and are being unfair to the president of our company Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. Mr. Demoulas has kept our company thriving in a time of economic turmoil. He has done and continues to do a great job.
You have pushed the lives of 25,000 hard working associates into turmoil, causing lost productivity.
You have slowed growth, failing to realize that with each building that goes up, the net worth of our company grows for the shareholders that the board is so concerned about.
You have slandered top executives of the company. What you have said about Mr. Bill Marsden in particular is not acceptable conduct. You need to apologize to this man of great stature and others as well.
You have spent money wastefully on different committees. That is not how we operate around here, we watch every penny, so get with the program.
You have caused our customers to begin to lose confidence in our overall structure, as they care about our people as our people care for them.
You removed a great deal of money from cash reserves that will affect future growth and opportunity to get even stronger in the market.
You have not visited a store and don’t even understand the company you are trying to run. That would be like me performing surgery on someone when I have no medical training.
You have made the greatest mistake of all. You have failed to listen! Any great business person understands that the ability to listen to others is an integral part of leadership. Close your mouth and open your ears.
I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but board members need to look closely at these things and do something to make things right!
Remember, I strongly believe that each person has the ability to change and do the right thing.
To my fellow associates:
Remember what history has taught from those that have remained silent.
Remember what History has taught from those that have taken a stand.


  1. CiNdy whelan says:

    Many valuable points, great job! This BOD needs to take a step back and listen. For those taking a stand, we have to continue to advocate the importance of being heard to those who remain silent. Together, we can beat this. It is one of the many beliefs that motivates me, safety and strength in numbers!

  2. Tom Trainor says:

    Victor I particularly like the last two sentences, they speak volumes. Good job!

  3. ROn lambert says:

    Well said Victor terrific post.
    We have the ability as a group to do anything. Stay strong and stay united

  4. elizabeth bates says:

    Great to see our MB family standing together, united in the fight for what is right and true! Its not an easy task, putting yourself out there, but the time for staying silent has long past. Do not accept the slanderous actions against our company’s respected managment team or the board’s treatment of our CEO Arthur T. Demoulas. To have him treated so disrespectful by the board’s newer members is an outrage and an insult to the Demoulas family legacy. I cannot comprehend how family members, especially descendents of Greek anscenstry would allow such a travesty. How awful for all.

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