Guest Post from Tyler White

I am a loyal employee of nearly 8 years for the great company of Market Basket. I started right after I had turned 15 and have begun my climb up the ranks into the management program. I put off college and made a lifelong commitment to a great company and to an even better man. That man is Arthur T. Demoulas. His kindness and generosity is unmatched by any CEO of any other company in this country. That’s why so many of us were willing to stand out in front of the Wyndham Hotel in the 90+ degree heat in July. Arthur T. has 100% support from his employees. Does that not count for anything in the board’s eyes? I’m actually curious if the board gives one shred of thought to how its decisions could impact the lives of the employees, the lifeblood of the company. I stated earlier that I lack a college degree. Maybe that’s why I’m having such a hard time grasping how getting rid of Arthur T. would be in the best interest of our company, which if I’m not mistaken, is the duty of the board to act in. You can tell me I’m misguided or misinformed but I can feel the wool being pulled over my eyes. An executive search firm has been hired and is being paid handsomely. Why is this? The board of directors website is vague and one-sided. Why can’t we respond on the page? We are a respectful group. We have questions we feel we deserve answers to. I know this e-mail will most likely end up in a trash folder, unread and that’s ok. All I ask for me, my family and my fellow employees is that if you plan on stabbing all 25,000+ of us in the back, which I’m sure is inevitable, is that you ┬áhave the decency to tell us it’s coming. No more tactical PR moves from fancy, high paid lawyers. If you feel like surprising us and doing your duty retain Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas and keep this family-oriented, highly successful supermarket the way it is.

Respectfully yours,
Tyler White

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