Guest Post from Tom Sinatra, Refrigeration Dept

Dear my associates, customers, and friends.

My name is Tom Sinatra, an associate of Market Basket for 28 years. I have to speak up to help save this great company. I was hired in 1985, sacked groceries and collected carriages for Chelsea Market Basket. I later moved up to the grocery department stocking shelves. During that time, I got to learn a very strong work ethic, work hard and you will be rewarded. That is when I decided to go to school to learn refrigeration for the company. We had 42 stores at that time. Many years have passed since then. I have seen stores I helped build close only to open bigger and better. Store 43 Nashua and store Haverhill 9, to name a few. There are now 73 stores and a five hundred thousand square foot refrigerated warehouse. Many nights and weekends on call and remodeling are hard work, power outages, emergency service, etc, but I love it. I have worked my way up the ladder with the help of all my associates as a big team. We are very fortunate to work for this great company. I have worked here all my life and proud of it!
To change things now is not a good idea. Keep Arthur T. in control. He has proven himself to run a very successful family orientated business. It has been proven. Thank you Mr. TA Demoulas, Mr. AT Demoulas, Mr. Marsden, Mr.Rockwell, Mr.Lacourse, Mr. Miamis, for laying down the groundwork for this company and the team that is working hard to keep it going strong! I will always be loyal to Arthur T. and all of my associates. Thank you Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon, for giving me the courage to speak up.

Tom Sinatra
Market Basket
Refrigeration Department


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Thank you for speaking up Tom. It does take a lot of courage, and one by one, with each and every post, it connects to someone else, and they too get the courage to be heard. We have the best leaders in the business, and we will not go quietly. In fact, we just will not go! Keep the faith!

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