Guest Post from Tom Gordon, Grocery Supervisor

Our job here is becoming very easy as the guest posts continue to roll in. This one is from Tom Gordon, the other of the two grocery supervisors. We are excited to have received great letters from these two leaders which shows that the solidarity we have in this cause extends to all levels. The grocery department is ‘all in’ and we thank both Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon. Your words mean more than you can ever know.

To my fellow associates and friends:

I assume I’m in the same position as many of my fellow employees at Market Basket. I have hesitated to put my feelings on any Website or Facebook for a few reasons: (1) I’m a fairly private guy, and, more importantly (2) I am concerned about this company’s future as well as my own.

Those of you that know me know I’m not a man of many words. I’m not eloquent or well written. I’m a worker…always have been, always will be. It is this work ethic I learned at Market Basket that has gotten me where I am today. It was T.A.s ethic and it is Artie’s ethic…work hard, put in the extra effort, take care of the customers.

What you probably don’t know is I come from a family of 10 that literally grew up dirt poor. I shared a bedroom the size of closet with three brothers. I had one drawer of clothing…that’s all. I went to work part-time at the Basket as soon as I turned 15 because I wanted some money of my own. Market Basket was, and still is, the only company around that will hire a kid that age.

Through the encouragement of those above me and my own hard work, I am now a Grocery Supervisor. When I started as a part-timer, I never, in my wildest dreams thought I’d be a grocery supervisor. It’s a job I truly love. I love the people I work FOR and WITH. Market Basket is, in my opinion, the greatest company in the United States. It is a company where loyalty and hard work are rewarded. We only promote from within so every single employee in the company has the same opportunity I had. Don’t ever forget that.

Tom Trainor’s letter basically says everything I could possibly say, and he definitely says it better than I ever could. But know this: it is because of the guidance of T.A., Artie, Julie Lacourse, Joe Rockwell, and Bill Marsden, that I consider myself so successful at Market Basket.…a kid who comes from nothing and makes it (in my opinion) pretty big. Yes, I work hard and long hours, but so does everyone in this company. It is solely because of the Demoulas family that I have been able to provide things for my family that I never, ever dreamed of. Every single MB employee has the possibility to achieve their dream at Market Basket as well. I’m living proof.

Outside of my father, there is no other man I have more respect for than Arthur T. Demoulas. It was an honor to work for his Dad and it is an honor and privilege to work for Artie. He is genuine, honest, generous and loyal. He is a man of integrity.

As I said before, I’m a man of few words and like to maintain my privacy. But know this: I stand with all the employees and Arthur T. Demoulas, today, tomorrow, forever.

Tom Gordon
Grocery Supervisor
38 PROUD years of service


  1. Tom Trainor says:

    Thanks Tom your voice is well respected throughout the company and will surely spur some of those looking for the courage to go ahead and take that step. This is a fight we can win if we all stick together. There is safety in numbers, they can’t fire all of us. This BOD is probably scratching their heads saying these people just received $44 million and they are still not happy. No we are not because it is not about money with us, it is about our leader Arthur T Demoulas being allowed to run our company the way it always has been run and we won’t be happy until that happens. Now let’s get together, all of us and win this fight!

  2. Noel gordon says:

    What my husband didn’t say in this letter is something neither he nor I will EVER forget. When Tom’s dad died and we were exiting the church, Maureen Demoulas, Glorianne Demoulas and Karen Demoulas all waited for him outside to express their condolences. (Artie had come to the wake) Tom said to the three of them something like “you really didn’t have to come.” Tom and I will never forget their response to him. “Where else would we be…you are family.” This is what Market Basket is. It is a family. This Board and Arthur S. have no clue what they are up against. It’s not just the employees. It’s the spouses, the spouses’ families, the friends of employees, not to mention the customers. You cannot break us.

  3. cindy whelan says:

    Knowing Mr. Gordon well enough to know he is a man of few words, this speaks volumes! First TT, and now TG, two of the most respected men in the company coming out and putting it all on the line. Starting to see some great momentum for the first time in a long time! Thank you both, surely this will bring people off the sidelines and join the fight that we will win! Let’s save the legacy, TOGETHER!

  4. Thanks Tom for the great post. As you stated clearly the power is in the people, no question! Everyone of us must let our voices be heard loudly and surely by ASD. If we are indeed a family we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Art. We can’t be lambs as ASD and his board leads MB and its culture of ” best people, best value” to slaughter. In today’s news we hear of the passing of Nelson Mandela and what he accomplished by not being quiet.
    What ASD is doing is socially and morally wrong! How does he sleep at nite, while he keeps the Revere and South Attleboro stores closed. He should be providing the jobs good people are in need of, and providing the value we bring to our customers in these tough economic times. It just makes no sense! He needs to put the decision making where it belongs, with Art. He needs to worry less about a few very rich shareholders and focus on what MB is all about. A great company that was in the enviable position of looking out for the 25,000 hard working and dedicated associates of MB, the 1.3 million consumers who rely on us to not overpay for their weekly shopping needs, the vendors, suppliers, construction workers who are all just trying to make a decent living.
    We all owe an awful lot to Art and his family. Let ASD know where your loyalty lies. As Nelson Mandela demonstrated ” the power is indeed with the people” .
    Have a Merry Christmas,

  5. Dave Daigle says:

    My name is David Daigle, I am a second generation Demoulas employee.
    Thank you Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon for leading the charge.
    My career started in 1980 at the age of 14 in store #2 where my father was the manager, I started as a bagger and worked my way up to store manager all the while learning about our M.B. culture, which may seem by now a “catch phrase” it’s not, its what we are exposed to from day one.
    I too am concerned for my family and my ability to provide from them if something should happen if there is retribution from my writing this, but to not write would be an injustice to Mr. DeMoulas and his family who are fighting everyday to preserve our culture.
    David J. Daigle
    Store Director
    Westford # 72
    33 years and counting.
    ” Where we go one,we will go all”

  6. Marty Maguire says:

    My name is Marty Maguire, Store Manager in Hudson, NH #33.
    I started working at MB in 1978 when the Woburn #20 was opening. I, like Tom Gordon, did not grow up in a well to do family. My mother had passed away when I was 16 yrs old. My father did the best to support our family of 5. I grew up in the housing projects of Woburn for 21 yrs. One of the best lessons of my life was that, if you wanted something you had to work hard to get it. So I was fortunate when I joined Market Basket because that is the same philosophy they have. Work hard and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

    Through the 35 years I have been working at MB I have had the opportunity to have been mentored by so many exceptional people, too many to name. But when I hear Bill Marsden’s integrity being challenged it tells me that these Board of Directors really don’t know this man at all.

    Mr. T. A. DeMoulas was an incredible man. I was very lucky to have been able to work with such an exceptional individual. When his son, Arthur T. DeMoulas, took over there was a lot of buzz about the future of the company. This man has taken the BULL BY THE HORNS and has ran our beloved company with passion and dedication to its customers, employees, and vendors. In his own words, “We are in the people business first and the food business second”. Words to live by. Oh let’s not forget he has also been the person responsible for making the shareholders millions of dollars, yes that includes you, Arthur S. DeMoulas. It’s an HONOR to work for and with such a great leader.

    I do hope Arthur S is reading these post. We all know this man is trying to take over our company, BUT WHY? It can’t be about the money. How much does one man need? Let’s face it, it’s all about some kind of revenge isn’t it? He knows he is not capable of running the company, he asked Joe Rockwell and Jack DeMoulas to help him. He needs to grow up and be a man, stop being so selfish. So many thousands of people stand to be hurt by his actions. Arthur T. is doing an outstanding job. It’s time to take the handcuffs off and let the company grow! Stop looking for a replacement. You will NEVER find a person more qualified that Arthur T., your cousin by the way. Doesn’t family mean anything to you? Your own father was a big part of this company and you don’t even seem to care. What would he think of your actions? Stop trying to build a case against our great leader.


    And thank you to all of you whom have posted their feelings. I feel proud to be working among so many great people.

    Martin Maguire
    Store Manager Hudson #33
    35 Years and proud of every minute

  7. Edward fyfe says:

    I can’t really think of any thing to post that hasn’t been said already. Very proud to be part of the MB family. I use to think of this as just a job but now I know this is a family. Thank you one and all for letting me be part of this family.

    Staying MB STRONG.
    Ed Fyfe
    Bagger 26 years. I guess I did think of something to post:-)

  8. Edward fyfe says:

    Many people are stepping up and speaking out. Keep up the pressure. Very proud to be part of this family. MB forever.

  9. Andy Heggarty says:

    Way to go Marty.. Crying again after this post..
    Trish H

  10. Andy Heggarty says:

    Tom G,
    Nice post.. I will try to keep this short… I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for people like you taking the time to train and develop me 35 years ago..
    When I worked for you 35 years ago in North Andover you were a full timer and I was a young “know- it -all” part timer… you never gave up on me, and for that I thank you and respect you.. even though I could never order the pet food aisle.. LOL…
    With the strong core of people we have we will not be defeated!!

  11. TODD BROWN says:

    TT,TG, and All Associates,
    I stand beside you and proudly serve with you day in and day out.
    Thank you ATD for all you do for all of us.

    Todd Brown
    Deli Supervisor, proud 30 years of service!!!!

  12. Dora brown says:

    Thank you Mr. Gordon and Mr. Trainor, Marty, Terry, Dave for your story and what Mr. Arthur T.’s family and MB family has done for you and for us. We all have a story to tell and why people are not voicing it I don’t know.
    As for myself, I started with the company in 1984 as a cashier, worked my way into the grocery dept and later Pos Coordinator. In 1988, I was having a knee issue, the doctor told me to get an office job. I was like what I love my job out in the stores working with my coworkers and the customers. Where was I going to find an office job with no college background. Our Market Basket helpdesk was looking for someone to answer phones. I went for the interview with Roland Kelley and got the job. Market Basket taught me everything I know about computers and troubleshooting problems.
    Market Basket is my family. My husband will sometimes say to me “you always put Market Basket first and everything second.” Sometimes I don’t realize I do it but I care and love my job and the people I work with.
    Like I said we all have a story, So why haven’t we heard Arthur S. story of why?
    I know a lot of us know it is not about the money. Why does he want to destroy our MB family? Me personally I think Arthur S. and his Board members and some of the shareholders, should come out and meet their extended Market Basket Family instead of lining their pockets. If they came to meet us, they would realize we are great family to be around.

    Dora Brown
    Store Support
    29 years and counting

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