Guest Post from Terry McCarthy, Store Director

Let’s think about Kekst, one of the top PR firms in the country, for a minute. Kekst has been retained by the board for the purpose of portraying both the board and ASD in a positive light. No doubt they have earned their reputation as one of the best, but in this case they have taken on an impossible task, and surely they must realize it. Since being hired they have sent out a letter and built a website. Both the letter and the website have had zero impact…I take that back…negative impact in their plight. It would be very interesting/disturbing to find out what they have billed OUR company for their services, but a couple of hundred thousand is probably a conservative guess.

Think of how absurd the concept is: pay big bucks to a PR firm to get the people to like us as we destroy the company they love. Kekst, your reputation is being tarnished and you are tagging yourself as a company that will take on any job for the right price. The word “mercenary” comes to mind.

Good luck to Kekst and to the board as they endeavor in this impossible task. We get the concept of reckless spending and the hiring of Kekst is a textbook example.

This guest post from Terry McCarthy, and the many to follow this weekend, represent our PR at its best:

Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon;

Reading your guest posts have made me even prouder to be a Market Basket associate. Having spent the last 33 years working my way up from a bagger to a present day store manager is a source of pride for me. I have been extremely fortunate to be mentored by a lot of great people along the way. First and foremost by Mr. T.A. DeMoulas, secondly by Mr. A.T.DeMoulas and many other great leaders of this company Mr. Rockwell, Mr. Marsden, Mr. LaCourse Mr Miamis and both of you. It is truly an honor to run a supermarket for the unquestioned leader in New England and I believe beyond. This is where the disconnect begins for me. How can any case be made to remove ATD? Since 2008, 1.5 billion dollar increase in sales. New stores in new communities, new replacement stores in our existing communities. Remodeled and renovated stores wherever possible. Under ATD’s stewardship EVERYONE, has PROSPERED. Shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, and communities. To say that sales have risen faster than profits is preposterous. There are plenty of profits to go around. As ATD has told us on more than one occasion ” we need to look out for the customer even when they are not looking out for themselves.” As ATD told us on Tuesday, ” we have a moral obligation to the communities we serve.” ATD puts people over profits and for that he should be replaced? I think NOT,he should be commended! ATD tells us that this is no average organization and it certainly is not. ATD tells us this is no average management group and it certainly is not. ATD tells us Market Basket is a better place to work, better place to shop and it certainly is. It is because of the people that work there, it is because of ATD’s mission: ” Best people, Best prices”, it is because of ATD! I respectfully submit to the board: This is not a Wall St. corporation, this is a Main Street one. Main St. Middleton, Main St. New Bedford, Main St. Somerville. There are more Main St.’s to open, more jobs to offer. More opportunities for people like me, a kid from Tewksbury who with hard work and no college degree has been able to raise a family, own a home and go to work everyday knowing the future is brighter than ever. There is no reason to look anywhere for a new CEO. We have the best and brightest. There is no reason to search for any top executives, we have those too. This company is what others aspire to be, GREAT.

Just short of two years ago my daughter was involved in a serious accident. She suffered a very serious brain injury, her life was in jeopardy. I spoke with Mr. Rockwell that morning and he was in ATD’s office. He told me ATD wanted to talk with me also. While I was not able to speak probably as well as I would have liked, ATD asked me a few questions in his calm and professional demeanor. He asked me what hospital I was at and if it was qualified to handle the injury. He asked me another question I will never forget, ” Do we need to move her? ” Who’s WE? WE ARE MARKET BASKET, WE ARE FAMILY. MY DAUGHTER WAS AS IMPORTANT TO ATD AS HIS OWN! I received a phone call everyday from Mr. Rockwell, Mr. Marsden, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Trainor and countless others. I consider myself fortunate to work for this company and these leaders.

Board members: get to know these people, get to know this company, get to know this culture. To know it is to LOVE it! This is no AVERAGE organization, these are no AVERAGE people, this is no AVERAGE CEO! This is the BEST organization, these are the BEST people, this is the BEST CEO IN THE COUNTRY! I stand proud with ATD, I stand proud with the DeMoulas family, I stand proud with our top executives and I stand proud with our associates and customers !

Terry McCarthy
Store Manager Middleton # 45
33 Proud years of service and counting


  1. cindy whelan says:

    Absolutely powerful letter, and I am rendered speechless. With tears in my eyes, I will say this… THIS is what makes us different from the status quo supermarket chains, and THIS is why we will win… PERIOD. Thank you, Mr. McCarthy.

  2. ROn lambert says:

    Mac, that was an awesome post. I’m sure many of our family will be moved by it. I know I am

  3. Jacqui Deveneau says:

    The power of this letter and the power of the people of Market Basket set it on a course to over come what we are going through with ASD. Keep this thought in your hearts and souls and we will see the light on the other side of all of this. This kind of power transcends all other. It is so strong you can feel it.
    Thank you again Arthur T for showing this kind of humanity in a world with so much inhumane greed.

  4. Well said Terry, very well said!! These board members so need to understand that this a Main Street USA company and not some Wall Street theiving ring. Sadly people like ASD and the BOD just don’t understand all the hard work that goes into this company. They see the mighty green back and ways to line their pockets at the expense of the tens of thousands who will get hurt. They see through jealous eyes how ATD is loved by his “CO- Workers”. They will never get the respect from any of the “MB Family” because they have never worked the company like so many.

  5. Jim therrien says:

    Well said Mr. McCarthy,

    I have been involved with DSM for over 40 years as a vendor for various companies. Your story is very touching and the truth is there are 100′s of other such stories that haven’t been told. I have the company reach out help food broker sales people’s family after their death or when in need. And we all know there are many more acts of kindness to the members of the DSM family.

    Add that with the generous giving to local charities and churches and schools etc. And if that isn’t enough you have to consider the generosity of ATD to countless charity.

    All this is the HEART and SOUL of DSM. No consultant or PR firm from the outside could ever imagine all of this.

    Good luck to everyone.

  6. Tom Trainor says:

    Terry thank you for everything. You are one of the true leaders in our company and you know from first hand experience the humanity of our boss

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