Guest Post from Rosie Hagopian, Administrative Assistant, Meat Department

Everyone knows her. Everyone loves her. A guest post by Rosie Hagopian:

I have worked with Demoulas the last 40 years of my life. I worked in the meat department for the first 25 years and for the last 15 years in the main office. I have watched, listened and learned from the best. Demoulas along with my parents have taught me many things, respect, loyality, kindness, appreciation, dedication, responsibility, basically who I am.

I knew Mike Demoulas who built this company up along with his son Arthur T. Demoulas to one of the greatest supermarkets around. I don’t need to mention the many organizations Artie supports, helps, and donates to, you all know the answer to that.

I know his kids, his sisters, their kids and even his mother. They are my extended family, along with all the other associates at Demoulas.

I have heard the board go on about different issues that I will not mention because it really doesn’t matter, we all know the truth; without Arthie T. there is no Demoulas Supermarkets. You all have had some dealings either with Mike Demoulas and or Arthur T. Demoulas and know the score. All the top executives in this company have worked their way up from the bottom. Nothing has been handed to them. They are all working everyday either at the office or at the stores. There are no slackers at Demoulas, we all work hard, that is our way of life. Artie always makes a point of treating every one equal, supervisors, sackers, meat cutters, deli clerks, cashiers, warehouse employees, directors and every one who works within the company. How many years have your friends been at their jobs?? It is amazing how many years our employees have worked with Demoulas.

Where is Arthur S. and his side of the family? I don’t see them coming in at 2:00 a.m. to make sure the deliveries are here on time, I don’t see them here working with vendors trying to get the best prices for customers, I don’t see them at the store mopping the floor after a rain storm, I don’t see them working in the cold freezer putting away holiday turkeys. There is a saying “let you conscience be your guide”. We use that saying a lot here. I know I can sleep at night knowing my decisions are for the best interest of the company. I hope the board can make decisions knowing it WILL affect 25,000 employees and their families, also the vendors all over the country.

My mother has recently passed away, during her illness my boss and Artie T. made it clear that whatever my mother needed I was to take care of it, and don’t worry about anything else. How many other companies would say that. At any time I can say to Artie T. do you have a minute to talk and he would say I have more than a minute. Throughout this battle Artie T. has time to talk, listen and be himself with all of us. Again, where is Arthur S.??

We will all stick together like glue, because that is what we do here at Demoulas Supermarkets. Now tell me don’t you want to work with a person like Arthur T. Demoulas???


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Thank you, Rosie! It is obvious you put your heart and soul into this company, our family. All the associates at Market Basket work hard, like you said, nothing as been handed to any of us without hard work and dedication. The best part of that is we DON’T want it handed to us. We love the sense of deserving what we receive, whether it be a promotion, a bonus, profit sharing, more hours… We love the sense of accomplishment, it drives us. We will stick together, and we will stop this nonsense!

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