Guest Post from Peter Gulezian, Store Director

I have often thought that this was not my battle to fight, that I would be there if called upon to help in any way I could. I have now come to realize that this could not be any further from the truth. This is my battle and is everyone else’s battle who works for this great company. Why have so many of us spent our lives working for one company? Because it is the best company to work for. We have all been very proud to have made the right choice that we went to work at Market Basket and not one of our competitors. I always told my wife I have the safest job out there, everyone needs to eat. She always told me don’t be too sure of yourself you never know what can happen. I thought I was right until that day in June when we all heard the news. I felt as if my life could come crashing down. How was I going to support my family with 2 young boys and a mortgage to pay. I am not ready to retire. This is my battle!
To the board you really need to understand why this company is so different from all the rest. We pride ourselves in being different from everyone else. We are not followers but are leaders in the industry. There is not another supermarket out there who would not want to be like Market Basket. Please ask yourself why is Market Basket so successful compared to other Supermarkets? The only reason is that we have the leadership of TAD and ATD and they do not. With that being said please involve yourself in this company by learning about its People, Culture and Philosophies. I, like most, find it very disturbing to think you can vote on issues without knowing both sides of the story. Take some time and learn about Market Basket and its history. How can you ruin a company without knowing all the facts first. You have hundreds of thousands of customers, workers and vendors lives in your hands, you need to be involved with the business to make these types of decisions.
ATD is a man who cares about people. He starts every visit in your store by asking about your family and his co workers first. He loves getting a pulse for the store by talking and interacting with the customers. Who else does this day in and day out. ATD’s record of success just over the past 5 years speaks for itself. There is not one other company out there that has grown as quickly and successfully as Market Basket has in a short 5 year span.
We all take PRIDE in what we do. I will do whatever I possibly can to help ATD and his family continue running this company the way it should be run. Please leave well enough alone and let ATD do what is best for the company!


  1. chris tarr says:

    Very well said Peter!!!Together we can win! There is power in the people!!

  2. cindy whelan says:

    Thank you, Mr. Gulezian. One by one we are gaining the momentum needed to win this battle. We will win it, because of the great people of this company coming forward and being heard… proud, loud and clear.

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