Guest Post from Marc Poulin, Produce Manager, Store 73

hello we are market basket,

My name is Marc Poulin, I am the produce manager in the new Hudson MA store. I have been with Market Basket since I was 14. With 10 years in a company by the time I am 24 I feel a special pride in telling people I work for Market Basket. I know I’m not the only one that outside of work talks about work. I get home and text and talk with other people in the company about what went on at work almost everyday. That’s called passion in my eyes. Since I went full time when I was 18 I’ve been mentored by some of the best in the produce industry. I have helped or worked in nearly 30 stores whether it be for a day or a week, and since doing an opening of my own 7 months ago, I just want to thank the people that helped make it a success. But back to the real reason Im proud. Mr. Arthur T. Demoulas. I still remember the first time I met him at 19 during the Gloucester opening. I was working with a supervisor and Arthur had walked into the backroom. My supervisor brought me over to him and said Mr. Demoulas this is Marc he is an aspiring produce manager. I looked in at him with awe and said thank you for everything, I appreciate the bonus and without thought he looked back in and said no, thank you. Thank you for everything your doing for our company… I didn’t know what to say, a millionaire just thanked me for helping him. I wasn’t sure why but years later I understand it more and more. Arthur, his father and so many others have taught all of us in management and all the way up and down the ladder what it means to be part of a family. He has taught us to look out for people, customers, fellow associates and now we turn it to him and fight with him for our company. I have talked with my crew before posting this and we stand behind our CEO, our Senior management, our Store Manager and everyone in Market Basket. IN LOCKSTEP WITH ARTHUR T DEMOULAS

Store 73
Marc Poulin-produce manager
Cristhian Perez-asst produce manager
Kevin Salguero- ft produce clerk
Amanda Ducharme- ft produce clerk
Maria Velasquez- ft produce clerk

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