Guest Post from Jim Moran, Longtime Loyal Customer

This is a posting that I hope is read by each member of the Board of Directors. Unlike most of those who wave posted here, I am not an associate. I didn’t begin a career with Market Basket as a bagger and work my way through the ranks to Store Director or upper level Manager or Supervisor as have many who have posted here. I was however fortunate to climb my way to a management level position in another field prior to my retirement. I am a customer and I applaud each and every Director, Manager and Supervisor who has stepped up and spoken in this battle. You have your finger on the pulse of the industry.
Any top level professional, such as those who serve on the Boards of Directors, should know that good decisions are never made in a vacuum. Input from those with hands on knowledge of an organization is an essential part of the decision making process. The management team in this company has several years of firsthand experience in the retail grocery business. They have seen what works and what doesn’t. They have participated in the growth and improvements of the business. They have worked diligently to grow the customer base. They have witnessed for themselves how frequently customers and town officials request and desire to see Market Basket stores built in their home communities.
My wife and I regularly shop at Concord NH Store 35. On any given weekend the store is mobbed. We’ve seen the same at the Hooksett and Tilton stores. Customers can be seen driving around the lots waiting for parking spaces to open up rather than just driving down the road to a different grocery store. There are two others close by in Concord. Even though the aisles are crowded with customers, the associates are busily restocking shelves in grocery, dairy, meat, produce, interacting with customers and being helpful in any way they can be.
Having been a customer of that store for approximately 30 years I’ve had ample opportunity to see various upper level supervisors visit and walk through the stores with the Store Directors or Grocery Managers, making suggestion and recommendations, interacting with associates and customers alike. They aren’t just sitting back in their offices reviewing spread sheets. It is those same upper level management team members that are posting here in support of Arthur T. Demoulas and the existing business model for their company. PLEASE board members, listen to these professionals. Allow the company to get back on track. Writing on behalf of thousands of other customers, please know that we have a major interest in the outcome of the current conflict. Your decisions impact our family budgets just as they do those of the 25,000 dedicated company employees.
Jim Moran
Customer of Concord Store #35


  1. CINdy Whelan says:

    Unbelievable, thank you for your support and patronage!

  2. Great post!! Thank you for your kind words about our company!

  3. Thank you very much for that fantastic post mr. Moran. You know exactly what you’re talking about and what we’re talking about. Let us do our jobs the way we’ve been shown how by Mr. A. T. Demoulas! Come see us in Rowley, Ma sometime. We’d love to meet you

  4. Andy Heggarty says:

    Thanks Mr.Moran for that wonderful letter. Customers like you and your wife make our jobs enjoyable!!

  5. elizabeth bates says:

    Thnk you so much sir! I am very happy that the company’s philosophy and mission has indeed been succesul in making our customers shopping experience a positive one! Your support and the time you took to make your feelings known mean everything to us. Really! We care!!! Thank you

  6. Thank you Mr. Moran. You are a wise man and your advice should be taken.

  7. lisa deltrecco says:

    Well said, glad to have you as a long time customer. Thanks for your support.

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