Guest Post from Jason McCarty, Assistant Store Manager

I’m just like everyone else in this company. I started as a bagger when I was 16 and I learned to work hard and get the job done. I was given an opportunity to go full time at 18. I accepted with no regrets and ¬†just ran with it no looking back. 17 years later I’m the assistant store director at Westford 72.

6years ago my wife and I lost our son Jack. He was born in the morning then passed in the evening. We know that life ¬†goes on and the world doesn’t stop but ours did for a while. We have great family and friends to get us through but I never expected the support from my store nor my company. Fellow managers and supervisors consoled me and made sure I was ok. That’s the culture of Market Basket. When something bad happens we are always there to step up and pick up the pieces. It happens at every store no matter what situation arises. And it all starts at the top.

Two weeks later my first week back, first night closing ,in walks Arthur T. We all know how that goes. Run around dot your i’s and cross your t’s to make sure he sees what he wants to see. He then gets me alone and we start talking. I then realize that he wasn’t there for business he was there to talk to me and to see how I was doing, more importantly to see how my wife was doing. He was more concerned with her and he has still never met her. That is the compassion this man has. And I know there are a lot more stories like that through out the company. For the board to put this man through what he is going through shows a lot about there character or lack there of.

There are a lot of great men in this company that have guided us, mentored us, inspired us and beat us up when we needed it. When my time comes and I’m in the conference room getting my own store, these are the hands I want shake. Not some jackass that’s gonna walk into a gold mine and has no contributions to this company.

I proudly stand with everyone in this company before me and after me.


  1. cindy whealn says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. It must of took a lot to put it out there. Being a mother of three, I couldn’t imagine the pain. The compassion for the people does start at the top, and flows downhill. With all the experiences being brought out, the compassion is now flowing back up the hill, where it originated. We stand united, and nothing is going to break us.

  2. michael kostoulakos says:

    Nice job Mr. McCarty!

  3. Tom Trainor says:

    I am so sorry about your son Jack. I have four kids and can’t even begin to imagine what you went through. There is no doubt in my mind that you will have your own store someday. In this company full of leaders you stand out, thank you.

    • Chris keenan says:

      Nobody brings more heart and passion to this job than Jason. I started 12 years ago working for him. I am now a manager under him and that same unique fire and passion is there day after day. That is what the MB culture is all about. Twelve years later I am still learning from him and getting better because of it.

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