Guest Post from Gary Derevere, Store #21

n 1989 I was hired as a meat cutter apprentice. I was mentored and taught the trade, by some of the best managers in the company. After 4-5 years, I was given the chance to advance into management, and found that though very demanding at times, it was even more so rewarding. The wages, rewards program, and profit sharing are truly second to none. I, like so many longtime employees, have felt the strong handshake, as well as the firm left elbow grab, of T.A. Demoulas. His incredible stature, and the sometimes fear that he instilled, is what has made me the employee I am today. It is because of this leadership, and the continued profound effort, from his son, OUR BOSS and CEO, Artie T., that this company continues to flourish.
A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, Artie T. visited my store. His warm presence was felt immediately. I remember looking through the meat room windows, trying to catch a glimpse of OUR BOSS and CEO. I wanted to go out on the floor so I could say hello and shake that man’s hand. I didn’t have to. He slowly worked his way through the back room, stopping to shake hands, converse, and thank, nearly everyone in the store. At a time with such uncertainty, and fear, the handshake and two minute conversation I had with him, electrified and re-energized me as I would imagine it did to most. It is this employee interaction and recognition that sets Artie T. apart from the rest. HE is why this company is where it is today. HE is our leader, OUR BOSS, our CEO.
Until now I have been silent, with the exception of “liking” comments of my MB family’s posts and comments. Anybody who knows me, from friends and family to coworkers and management, know that I am very outspoken, and sometimes reluctantly, not afraid to speak my mind. I have been asked before if I thought expressing my opinion would have repercussions. When all this hatred and greed began, I thought I’d be better off not speaking out, but thanks to Mr. Trainor’s, Mr. Gordon’s, and all other’s lead, my time to speak, is now. I am not afraid of losing what I have for speaking my mind, I more afraid of losing what WE have- for not speaking it….
To the Board of Directors- I will not decry you. It seems all your minds are already made up. I cannot believe it is still about money, but I will never be in your situation, so it is hard for me to understand. But you all will never be in any of OUR situations, so it is equally as hard for you to understand.
To Kekst and CO.- I still haven’t quite figured out your business here. The best I can come up with from visiting your website is “to help our clients effectively communicate to their stakeholders, including the investment community, employees, customers, suppliers, and government officials, as well as the media.” Is the communication the BOD website and the letter to Market Basket Associates? Perhaps I missed the memo communicating to US regarding the explanation of Mr. Marsden’s abrupt removal as a Trustee of our Profit Sharing Plan. Our CEO has NO PROBLEM whatsoever with communication. We call it a handshake and a “thank you” for a job well done.
And to Spencer Stuart- or who ever the executive search firm is, if you were hired to find a replacement for Artie T. as CEO, and your job is “to help clients find leaders who will improve the vitality and fortunes of their organizations”, I wish you the best of luck on your impossible task, because we already have him.

Gary DeRevere
Meat Department Store #21
24 years of service and counting

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