Guest Post from Corey Lemieux

My story is not unique by any means. I started over 12 years ago as a part-time sacker. I remember my first paycheck. $ 34.17. It seemed like a million bucks at the time. I worked 12 hours a week(Saturday and sunday) which was the max that a 14- 15 year old could work, so I could help my family put groceries into my house. Then going into grocery, ends, cleaning the floor at night. Pretty much anything to get the max hours(this was when I worked for you Cindy Whelan in good ‘ole 15). I learned A LOT about hard work and its rewards.
But my point is, I was offered an opportunity after high school. Not a just job, but a career path. Fast forward to today. Now I support my own family with this great job that I have had since high school. As I said earlier, my story is not unique. I have seen many hardworking, dedicated peers move up and accomplish great things within this company. That has always been a driving force for me. That MB creates opportunities for people, who otherwise who not have them.

To the Board of Directors…
Moving through this company, a sense of respect, loyalty and kinship long ago replaced my fear of my superiors. Simply because I know they are all on my team. The first time I met Mr. ATD he introduced himself as Artie. I apologized for my appearance( I had been putting away my load), but he waved it away with an apology himself. For interrupting my hard work. That’s when I realized that my superiors were not to be fear, but look up to and emulated. Board, when was the last time you felt fear? How about respect? Camaraderie? A sore back? The satisfaction of building a beautiful display. Do you have dozens of loyal customers that shop weekly and know you by name? Because this is what this company is about. Hard work and service. Stop the game and let us carry on our business!

Corey Lemieux
Badge number
12 years and counting


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Corey, you are truly worth all the energy invested in you. I saw you grow from a shy, quiet boy, to a confident and hard working young man. I am so proud of what you have become, and all that you strive for. Keep at it! Above all, keep the faith!

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