Guest Post from Chris Tarr, Bakery Supervisor

To my fellow associates:

For a while now, I have been debating whether to post my comments, but after Tuesday’s meeting with ATD coupled with everything he has done for us, it’s the least I can do. Let me give you a brief summary of my twenty-five history with this great company:

My MB employment began at age fourteen, thanks to my brother’s encouragement. Like most of us, I started as a bagger, and worked my way up the ranks to a frontend assistant. When Haverhill 9 was getting a new store with a bakery department, I was definitely interested. That is when I began my bakery career cleaning floors, washing dishes, and eventually worked my way to a full time baker position. Eventually, I became a bakery manager, then a traveling bakery manager. Now I am a bakery supervisor which is something I have always dreamed of doing. This terrific company has allowed me to achieve my dreams and goals, and for that, I am grateful.

I would like to share a personal story that has confirmed what I have known all along, that the philosophy of this great company is, “People first and the food business second.”

I will never forget the time a customer asked me for some banana fritters. I explained that we did not carry that product. The woman was disappointed and explained that her mom was dying of cancer and was not sure she would make it to the Thanksgiving holiday and that some banana fritters was all she really wanted. Needless to say, I was touched by this and asked the woman for her phone number and address. I decided to make the fritters myself, delivered them to her, and wished her family a happy holiday. After a few days, ATD found out what I had done, called me personally to thank me for going out of my way to help this customer and for representing what MB is all about. The moral of this story confirms what the MB culture and philosophy are all about. Who ever heard of any other company CEO going out of his way to call an employee over something like that? ATD has said that we, the associates, are the backbone of this company…well I say that our leaders are the heartbeat. If you take that away, you have nothing left!

Working with great leaders such as TA Demoulas, AT Demoulas, Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell, Julie Lacourse and many others has been a privilege and have made this company what it is today. I have learned so much from this talented, caring group of people. It saddens me to think this board of directors would even consider removing such great leaders! If the board would step back and get to know us, they would realize this is the only company who rewards all of our hard work and service to our customers and communities.

In closing, I must say these past few months have had me very concerned about the future of this company and where it could be heading. Will we continue to be a shining light…different and better than the rest, or just like any other company where profit is all that matters? ATD always said this company runs well when we are in “LOCK STEP”. At this point, we are not in “LOCK STEP”. Let it be known that I will walk in “LOCK STEP” with ATD! There is truly power in the people, and we need to come together and fight this fight! ATD has always told us time in and time out it’s a privilege and honor to have us. Well, to me, it is the other way around…It is a privilege and honor to have such a great CEO like ATD. I am blessed to be a part of this family, and I will always stand with ATD and the great leaders of this company.

Chris Tarr Bakery Supervisor

25 years of service and counting!


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    So many of us possess similar stories of going above and beyond. We have been treated with enormous compassion, we know how wonderful it feels, and we pass it along to our fellow associates, customers, vendors, and liaisons. This is was separates us from our competitors. Chris, I am confident we will continue to shine. I believe good always perseveres, and we will all be in lockstep with ATD. Thank you, Chris! Keep the faith!

  2. Marie schadlick says:

    I have been with Market Basket for 2 years now. The people I work with are wonderful. I work in store 6 in Salem, NH. The managers and employeers are so fun to work with. I can’t say enough about the place. I love the bonuses we get and they are very reasonable about when you need time off. Thanks Arthur T. Demoulas.

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