Guest Post from Brooke Marsden, Office Manager, Store 72

Diving into some numbers, Brooke gets it done with a very interesting post. Thank you Brooke for this 4 minute read which is 100% excellent:

As the adage goes, there is power in numbers. It is fortunate, then, that the business minded Board of Directors is quite familiar with this concept of numbers. I am told that many even have advanced collegiate degrees in the field. While I in no way claim to be a businesswoman, I do have widespread experience on the subject of numbers and have since decided to post my support for our company using this universal language to reach both the statistical-minded “businessmen” of the board and the people-minded “laymen” of the stores. Before I begin, however, I’d like to preface it with the following:
5 months ago, I wrote a letter to the Board of Directors pleading with them to keep Mr. Demoulas in his current position as CEO of Market Basket, asking them to think about the impact their individual votes would have on my own personal family and our Market Basket family of 25,000, cautioning them to use their power responsibly instead of destructively. It was just one of a 1000 letters that flooded the inboxes and mailboxes of those three men. The signature on the letter was not a name, but instead was the number 23129: my employee badge number, the same 5 digit number I was issued on my first day of work at Market Basket over 10 years ago. While that unique mark kept my anonymity, it also served as a reminder that my narrative and my pleas were in no way distinctive. Hundreds of other fellow associates could have written and did write almost identical letters.
Once again, I write a letter that could easily be signed by thousands of other Market Basket employees. I tell a story that most certainly could be told by every single individual reading it. While the board has clearly established they have zero interest in the associates as people, they do identify with numbers and statistics. The following numbers are my own Market Basket Statistics. This is my Market Basket story by the numbers. 2003 is the year I was employed by Demoulas Supermarkets, Inc. 33 is the store number where I was hired at 15 years old as cashier number 193. 72 is my current store number where I work as classification 0/20. 152 is the average amount of dollars I spend weekly as a loyal Market Basket customer. To the board members and shareholders who are reading or are ignoring this letter, that is $7904 a year I could choose to spend elsewhere. 18 is the number of my family members who have been, or are currently employed by the supermarket chain. In case you were wondering, that comes out to about 316 years of service amongst us. And lastly, 1. One is the number of men I choose to work for, the number of men who deserve to run this great company. One is the number of businessmen who understand not only numbers proceeded by dollar signs, but also who appreciate the value and power behind the numbers that characterize each individual employee of his corporation. Mr. A.T. Demoulas is the one man who is supported 110% by the 25,000 employees who work not only for him, but beside him 365 days a year. So you are either with this one man or you are against him, and I choose to stand alongside him and 24,999 other Market Basket employees at any and all of our 72 stores. Thank you for the 4 minutes of your time.

Brooke Marsden
Office Manager #72
10 Years of Service and Counting


  1. Noel gordon says:

    Very impressive letter.

  2. lisa deltrecco says:

    Very clever way to speak to the board. Let’s hope they pay attention.

  3. michael kostoulakos says:

    Well said Brooke!

  4. Tom Trainor says:

    Thank you Brooke for standing up for what is right. You are a true leader in OUR company

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