Guest Post from Bob Hartman, Deli Department Director

Congratulations to Arthur T. Demoulas on being named Lowell’s Man of the Year 2013 !!.
Hi Everyone,
My name is Bob Hartman. I am the Assistant Deli, Seafood and Kitchen Director. Let me start off by saying that I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would ever be posting anything on social media. I do not do facebook or really understand it. At this time, more than ever I feel the need to express how I am feeling about the current situation with the Board members trying to take ATD’s position as CEO away from him.
I have a total of 41 years with the company. I have been working in the main office for 28 years. As a young man, I was fortunate to work with a lot of wonderful store directors, supervisors and executives. Each and every one of them taught me the supermarket business and TA Demoulas’s philosophy.
They also taught me to be a respectful and trustworthy young man , I worked in the stores for 14 years. I started out up front as a sacker and then worked in the Deli. I was a Deli Manager for 11 years. At the age of 29, I was promoted by TA Demoulas to a Deli Supervisor.
As a supervisor I had the privilege of being mentored by the very best in the business. My mentors have been T A Demoulas, Arthur T. Demoulas, Jim Miamis, Bill Marsden, Joe Rockwell and Ronald Carignan. This is the team that makes Demoulas Market Basket what it is today. Mr. TA Demoulas’s philosophy was and still is what has kept the company on its path to success. The company is expanding ,has the best customer service and the best prices in our area. After TA Demoulas passed away in May 2003, ATD stepped in to follow in his fathers footsteps to keep the philosophy going. At that time there were a number of competitors coming into our area, which included Shaws, Stop and Shop, SuperWalmart etc.. ATD developed and executed a plan with his team to have superior customer service, best prices, remodeling stores and staying with his fathers beliefs. The goal was to bring our customer service program up to a whole new level. ATD worked diligently with every supervisor, director and executive to make this happen.
In 2013, there were a number of competitor stores that closed. Under ATD’s direction running our company, this would never happen to Demoulas Market Basket stores.
ATD is so passionate and committed to continue fighting for his employees, customers and this company. He has always done what is best for the company. What CEO do you know that has 100% of his employees voluntarily willing to do whatever it takes to stand by him to keep him as CEO? His employees believe in him as I do. We can and will achieve to keep him where he belongs in this great company, as CEO.
I have never in my entire life have met anyone who is more honest, sincere, genuine, trustworthy and compassionate, He has the ability to motivate and encourage each and everyone of us. I can only aspire to be half the man Arthur T Demoulas is.
Please, with all due respect Board Members, you must know by now how much ATD is admired and loved by all his loyal employees, vendors and customers. Please take the restraints off ATD and let him do what he does best which is to run this great company. He will never fail us.
In closing, I would like to ask each and everyone of you to voice your feelings and support for ATD.
Robert B. Hartman
Assistant Deli Director
Proud and Loyal Employee of 41 years


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Mr. Hartman, you were in my store not to long ago and we had a conversation that will stay with me forever. I saw the commitment you have to ATD, this company, and everything it represents that day. You, my friend, will be forever held in the highest regard with me. I am honored to stand with you in this unified movement, and I am sure your post will bring out many others! Keep the faith! Great post!

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