Guest Post from Bill Daly, Merchandiser, Store 37

“Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” English writer, Thomas Paine.

This quote was also used as a rallying cry by Mr. Lee Iacocca, the former Chairman of the Chrysler Corporation during the company’s revival in the 1980′s, to spur on his associates to once again propel Chrysler as a leader in the automotive industry, and I think that it is appropriate here.

I, like most of management began my career in the Market Basket family as a sacker. That was back in 1978, in the old DeMoulas Store #8 at Stadium Plaza. I left the company briefly after college, but was luckily accepted back as a full-timer in 1990. Thirty-two years and counting, and proud of it!

As a department manager, I like to lead by example, and am hoping that others in our company will follow in this public crusade to show the B.O.D. that we are a united group.
I didn’t want to ‘get out of the way’ on this one. Mr. Trainor and Mr. Gordon, thank you both for stepping up to show all of us how to come alive as one in this forum.

As has been mentioned by many of the posters before me, Arthur T. has lead our company on a tremendous growth curve since taking over as it’s leader. We all know that his father would be proud of all A.T. has accomplished along with the management team that took it’s cues from T.A. Demoulas as they grew in their careers. A.T.’s leadership is now being threatened/handcuffed by the actions of a B.O.D. that has very little working knowledge of the strong culture that has permeated this company, but his ability to lead has not gone away! Arthur T. should be allowed to continue to lead us as our CEO. We all need to let the B.O.D. know how we are as one on this point! We also need to let them know how important the Demoulas family/Market Basket is in the communities throughout the area, as a silent, benevolent partner.

Many of us have been touched by the generosity of the Demoulas family’s philanthropic endeavors either directly, through the Profit Sharing Program, and the Demoulas Scholarship Foundation, or indirectly via a church, school or community donation given silently, as the way the family insisted it be given. Those of us who reside in the Merrimack Valley have been especially blessed with the family’s generosity.

Recently, I visited a terminally ill friend at the Merrimack Valley Hospice House in Haverhill, Ma. While closing the door as I left the room, I glanced at the small plaque that was under the room number. It read, “This room donated by the Telemachus and Irene Demoulas Foundation”. I was very moved by this as I’m sure all of you reading this would’ve been. If the person in that room could’ve read it, I’m sure it would’ve bruoght tears to her eyes, as she was a Market Basket employee for the last few years of her life; a job that she truly loved, and everyone who came in contact with her could tell that right away.

In closing, I hope that my posting will encourage more associates to let the Board know how important the continued growth of the company and the strength of it’s leadership, is to all of our customers, employees and yes, even the ‘A’ Sharholders.

Bill Daly
Merchandiser, Store#37 Westford


  1. Cindy whelan says:

    Each post gives yet another person the courage to publicly come forward and be in lock step with ATD, and this one is no different! Thank you, Bill.

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